Introduction: DIY Code Cracking Puzzle (Simple)

This is step number one. All you’ll really need to create this, is a pen, one sheet of paper (Any paper works), a ruler and a riddle in mind. This project may take some time, but it’ll also take a while for you friend/family member to decode. Just a simple game I created to pass time with in a nice way that starts up your brain (Sorry for the layout, definitely not the best but you can make it as fancy as your imagination leaps to)


One sheet of paper (any kind works), a ruler, a pen and a riddle in mind

Step 1: Step 1:

Use the ruler to map out a grid, not too big but not too small depending on the length of your riddle. Then, (from left to right) place the letters of the riddle, and add an odd number beside each one. This is important, because you’ll have to cross out all of the even numbers to get the riddle. Make sure to leave a space at the bottom of the paper to add the *cross out all even numbers* message and *riddle: answer: * for your friends. I used a simple riddle; ‘What can only be used when broken?’
You can choose whichever riddle you wish.

Step 2: Step 2 (The Final Step Already) (That Simple)

This is already the final step! That’s to prove my point that it’s a simple DIY project. All you have to do is fill the blank spaces with completely random letters, making sure they’re all even (Ranging from 2-50 if you want to make it slightly harder) and then just give it to your friend to decode. That easy! Just a little activity to do to get your brain into motion.

- This is Daniel, Year 8 Signing Off

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