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Check the video above to see it playing.

Homemade bluetooth speaker slim design, part list:

Bluetooth Module:


Passive radiator:

Protection board:

DC module: or:

18650 Batteries: or:

18650 Holder: or:

Drill Bit used : or:

B7000 glue: or:

2S charger:

- Slim design, easy to build, painted with mate black spray paint

- One passive radiator for extra bass

- Pcb with balance function

Step 1: The Box

This was a box that i build from scratch, after some measures to fit the passive radiator i did the cut with a jigsaw, measure the diameter of the speakers and cut an hole a little bit smaller than the speakers and radiator.

The round hole was made with an wood circle cutter

Step 2: Back Part

The back part was cutted using the front part has a template, after is cutted use the front part again to mark the inside part, between the two lines mark the holes for the screws

Step 3: Trimming

With the back part attached use an wood file to scrape the excess material in the back panel, dont apply too much force, finish with 120 grit sandpaper

Step 4: Switches

Drill the holes for the power jack and for the on/off switch, using an small saw cut the square for the switch, cut also some wood pieces to secure the components in place.

Step 5: Speakers

Place the radiator in place and glue it, make sure its in the correct place, do the same for the speakers, they need to be correctly positioned, make the necessarys adjustments, lift the case and looking from bellow center the speakers, when they are in place let the glue dryes.

Step 6: Seal the Case

Using an 1mm soft foam and the back panel as a template cut the foam outside and inside, place it and glue it with flexible glue.

Step 7: Painting

I painted it with mate spray can, protect the speakers with painting tape.

Step 8: Batteries

I´m using two 18650 batteries case secured in place with double sided tape

Step 9: Step Down Converter

This bluetooth amplifier module works with 5 Volts, the two batteries provides 8.4v max charge, using an step down converter decrese the voltage from the batteries to the amp to 5 volts, i´m using an 2s pcb with balance function for charging and batterie protection.

Step 10: Electronics

Solder all the components in place, respect the polarities of the speakers, using flexible glue apply in the power jack and on /off switch to prevent any air leaks, the case need to be completly air sealed for the bass radiator be abble to work.

With glue secure any wires that are hanging around.

I used an piece of clear plastic to reflect the led light from the audio module, with this i can see the bluetooth status from the outside of the case.

Step 11: Lets Test It

I´m super happy with the final result, the sound is clear and loud with a strong bass !

Tank you for watching !!

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