Introduction: DIY: Micro Bluetooth Speaker / PC Usb Soundbar

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Check the video above to see it playing.

Tiny bluetooth Speaker and USB "sound card"

1 inch Speakers:

2000mah Battery:

Audio module:

Step drill bit:

- 1 inch/27mm 3 watt speakers.

- 3.7V 2000mah battery with integrated pcb.

- Audio module ct14+ less powerfull version.

- Plug in to PC to act as external sound card.

- Width 6.5cm, height 4.9cm, depth 4cm.

Step 1: Case

Mark and cut an 26mm hole, the speakers will fit perfectly, after the holes are drilled you can mark and cut the final shape for the front part of the speaker

Step 2: Sides

The are the measures of the box : Width 6.5cm, height 4.9cm, depth 4cm

Step 3: Bluetooth Module

For the bluetooth module hole i marked the micro usb metal part with a permanent paint pen, then just press it with carefull against the wood part, i drilled then two holes and finish with a homemade dremel to have the correct size for the micro usb to fit in.

Step 4: Back Cover

Add two litlle wood suports on both sides, this will allow the screws to be placed, place the back cover in place, align it and them drill four holes and put the screws in it.

With a file trim the excess of the back cover to be aligned this the rest of the case, after that cut a square to fit the on/off switch.

Step 5: Paint

Painted with 2 coats of mate spray paint

Step 6:

With a thin foam cut using the back cover as a template, place the switch using two little pieces of wood to secure it in place.

Step 7: Electronics

-Place the speakers with a little bit of glue on the exterior part of the speaker, it will be a perfect fit has the exterior part of the speaker will enter in the hole.

-Remove the speaker connecters and solder the speaker wires directly in the board.

-Secure the board and batery with hot glue, cut the wires and conect the batery red wire to the switch, close the case and lets try it.

Step 8: Test Time

The sound its clear, louder and with more quality than any smartphone, found it that if connected to an usb cable to the computer will act as a sound bar or exterior sound card :)

I´m happy with the final result, check the video in the beggining of this instructable to see it playing.

Tank you ;)