Introduction: DIY Concrete Stacked Stones

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I needed to cover a wall in the garden, with some nice looking concrete stacked stones, but i was shocked with the price i had to pay for those.
So i went the DIY way, and bought a couple of concrete stacked stones cement molds.
i will post another instructable of how i installed them on the wall, but i wanted to share with you how easy and cheap it is to make then.


1 - Cement

2 - Sand

3 - water

4 - Mold Amazon Link

5 - optional : Pigments (whatever colors you like )

Step 1: Mix the Cement

I started mixing the cement, i used the following ratio :

for each 1 cup of cement i added 1 cup of sand and a 1/4 cup of water.

You can than add color powder pigments and keep mixing till you get the desired color.

Step 2: Pour the Mix to the Mold

After making sure your bench is leveled, and wiping the mold with a release agent (i used motor oil ), you can start pouring the mix

Step 3: Making Vibrations to Release the Air Bubbles

we will need to make vibration, to release the air pockets from the molds, so we get a smoother texture. i started tapping with a hammer on the workbench, keep tapping until you remove the air bubbles, this can also be achieved with a vibration table, that i think i will be making in the near future, since i will be making many stone.

Step 4: Release the Product From the Mold

Finally we can tap the mold on th workbench, and the product should easily come out, since it will not stick on the plastic especially with the help of the release agent that we wiped in the mold.

Step 5: Here Is a Quick Video on How to Make It