DIY: Controller Wall Mounts (UNDER $7.00) - Damage Free

Introduction: DIY: Controller Wall Mounts (UNDER $7.00) - Damage Free




- All materials can be found at your local Walmart.

One of the most creative ideas to hang your controllers on the wall without using screws can be found on this video. No need to damage those wall and risk losing that precious deposit money. Use this method on your dorm or any other room without worrying about damaging the wall AT A VERY LOW COST.

Step 1: Gather Materials...

1 1/4" Binder clips

Bicycle hooks

Damage free adhesives

Step 2: Setup

1. Place binder clip on bicycle hook

2. Detach metal clips from binder clips

3. Place adhesive on binder clip

4. Adhere adhesive and clip to desired location

5. Let it sit for at least an hour

6. It is now safe to use!

Step 3:

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