Introduction: DIY Cord Organizer

The cord organizer makes sure you won't stray from your organized ways. This homemade innovation allows you to organize your clump of cords while also giving you the ability to label the cord in order to know the cord's correct location and/or purpose. The cord organizer is very easy to make and can be made from objects ranging from paper, to extra cardboard, to that old piece of plywood that's waiting to serve a purpose.
This innovation is so simply useful and can lead you one step closer to becoming more organized, especially on your desktop at home or in your office at work.

Step 1: Design / Materials

(What I used to make mine)


In order to make a cord organizer that fits your needs, you need to design one based off of the number of cords you have in a knot at home, waiting to be organized, and the size of the cords. My design is used to organize just three cords, but the possibilities are endless.

So to start, figure the amount of holes that will be needed in your model and the cord sizes included in your organizer. Draw out a rectangle on your object of choice (spare plywood, plastic, and thick paper are all usable, too). Make sure to watch the sizes of the holes in your drawing in order to fit the cords through.
The way the cords fit through is by sketching a slit above each hole to slide the cords into their correct location. These slits need to be big enough to place your cords through and slide downward to the hole.
Once you've sketched your desired organizer, it's time to create.

Step 2: Creating

Creating is the easiest part of this whole DIY project. Once everything is sketched out, simply make sure everything is as you wanted and cut out your design. Cutting is determined by your template of choice, whether it be paper or wood.
After cutting, take your cords and untangle them all, hopefully for the last time. Slide the cord through the top and now your cords are organized!
I left space under mine for labeling, which can be found under finishing touches.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

What bothers me about cords are the constant struggle of searching for the right cord and the right object that the cord is connected to. So in my cord organizer, I left space for labeling. This insures easier access towards finding which cord leads to where and can save time by relieving you from untangling all of those many cords.
After all is said and done, you can now have a more organized space

You've completed the DIY cord organizer!

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