Introduction: DIY Cozy Desktop Fire Pit

This little DIY will keep you feeling warm and cozy, no matter how cold it is outside!


- LED Tealight Candles

- Small Sticks

- A Base (Cardboard works too!)

- Small Stones or Pebbles

- Hot Glue Gun

- Hot Glue Stick

Step 1: Make the Ring of Pebbles!

Glue your small pebbles or stones in a small ring around your base. Try not to leave any space in between the pebbles!

Step 2: Place Your LED Candle!

Place your LED tealight candle into the center of the pebbles and turn it on!

Step 3: Make a Stick Teepee!

Hot glue the sticks into a small teepee around the candle, while leaving some spaces!

Step 4: Watch Your Fire Pit GLOW!