Introduction: DIY Creepy Frankenstein Halloween Doll - Trick or Treat Halloween Prank

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Halloween is around the corner! Make a cute yet creepy Frankenstein Doll that pulls a great trick or treat prank on your friends. The cute doll out will turn out to be a scary creepy doll when you approach it for the candy. Make this simple yet creepily cute Halloween Doll using evive Starter Kit and to make the code simpler we will code it using PictoBlox- graphical programming software based on Scratch blocks. You can download PictoBlox from here.

Ready for some Halloween Prank?

Let's begin!

Step 1: List of Components Required


  • evive
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Servo Motor and its accessories
  • Corrugated Sheets
  • Clamp (60mm)
  • Motor Clamp
  • LEDs
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Resistor
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Pins
  • Cloth
  • Cotton
  • Jumper Cables


Note: You can find all the above Hardware electrical components in the evive Starter Kit.

Step 2: Take the Cutouts of the Images

To pull this trick or treat prank on adults as well as kids, we’ll make our scary doll look like Frankenstein but a little less scary. Download the zip given below or directly download the images given above.

Note: You can choose any character you want or even can bring out Da Vinci in you by painting one.

Once you have the print outs take the cutouts. (Fig 3)

Step 3: Make the Face of the Doll

Take the scary Frankesitan face and trace its outline onto a corrugated sheet. (Fig 1)

Now cut along the outlines marked. (Fig 2)

Glue the scary Frankenstein face on to the corrugated sheet using a glue stick.

Step 4: Make the Doll Scarier

To make our Halloween trick or treat have more effect, we’ll add a little more of a spookiness. The eyes of the Frankenstein should also blink.

Take 2 RED LEDs and fit them in each eye of the monster. (Fig 1)

Bend the legs of LEDs from behind. As we need both the eyes to blink together, let’s connect the LEDs in series. Connect the negative terminal of the first LED to the positive terminal of the second LED using female-to-female Jumper Cable.

Then, connect the Male-to-Female jumper wires to the positive terminal of the first LED and the negative terminal of the second LED. (Fig 2)

Now fix all the cables on the back of the face using hot glue.

Step 5: Complete the Face Assembly

We would be controlling the face using a servo motor, thus, we will be using ice cream sticks to connect the servo and the face i.e. it will act as the neck of our Halloween doll.

Attach 2 ice cream sticks at the bottom of the face using Hot Glue. (Fig 1)

Note: make sure you place your LEDs jumper between the ice cream sticks.

Now, attach the innocent face on to the back of the corrugated sheet by using some double-sided tape. (Fig 2)

With this, the making of the face of our Halloween scary face is done.

Step 6: Make the Body

To make the body we would be using some foam sheets.

Note: You can also use a thick Thermocoal sheet for the same.

Glue 3 foam sheets together using some hot glue. (Fig 1)

Next, mark the body outline on top of foam sheets. (Fig 2)

Next, cut along the markings done. (Fig 3)

Now, as we need our robot doll to sense our presence. We’ll be using an ultrasonic sensor for the same.

Take an ultrasonic sensor and mark its dimension on to the foam sheet. Cut through the first two layers of foam sheet and make a small slit for fitting the headers of the ultrasonic sensor. Place the ultrasonic in it. (Fig 4)

Step 7: Complete the Body Assembly

Now mark a line 6cm from the bottom edge of the corrugated sheet and fix two M3 bolts of 25 mm length on the line marked.

Next, bolt the clamp at the back of the body by the nuts inserted. (Fig 1)

Next, make two holes on the cutout for the ultrasonic sensor into the shirt and glue it to the foam sheet. (Fig 2)

With this the assembly of the body is ready, let’s attach it to the base.

Step 8: Attach the Body to the Base

Fix the 6cm long standoff at the back to clamp using nuts. (Fig 1)

Next, glue the body to a piece of the corrugated sheet using hot glue. (Fig 2)

Now, fix the holes for a standoff on to the corrugated sheet using M3 bolts of length 8mm. (Fig 3)

Step 9: Attach the Head to the Body

Time to make the head of our Frankenstein rotate. We would be using a servo motor to rotate the head of our doll to 180 degrees each time anyone tries to have the candies.

Firstly set the servo motor to zero degrees by using the evive’s menu.

Note: Connect the servo motor to servo channel 1. Open menu, go to Controls. Select Servo motor. Then, select servo channel 1. Using potentiometer 1 set the angle to zero degrees.

Next, fix the plus-shaped servo horn to the servo head and glue the servo motor on top of the motor clamp. (Fig 1)

Next, trim the ice cream sticks so that the head fits perfectly on the body. Then, glue the ice cream sticks to the servo horn. (Fig 2)

Make sure the innocent face, faces forward. (Fig 3)

With this our Scary doll is almost ready, all we need to add are the hands the cup to hold the candies.

Step 10: Make the Hands

To make the hands look more real.

We would take a piece of cloth and fill it with some cotton.

Next, stick the ends of cloth using some hot glue and cut in the half. (Fig 1)

Next, stick the hands to the body. And for holding candies, take a cup and attach it to the hands by some hot glue. (Fig 2)

With this the making for our Creepy Halloween Doll is done, all we need to do is make the connections and write the code.

Step 11: Making the Connections

Make the connections as given:

Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Connect VCC to evive's +5v
  • Connect trig to evive’s digital pin 2
  • Connect echo to evive's digital pin 3
  • Connect GND to evive’s GND


  • Connect the LEDs in series
  • Connect one leg of the resistor to evive’s pin 13 and the other to the breadboard
  • Connect the positive of the LEDs to the breadboard.
  • Connect the negative terminal to GND.

Servo Motor

  • Connect the Servo Motor to Servo Channel 1 of evive

Step 12: Writing the Code

To make the programming of the code even simpler, we will write the code in PictoBlox.

  • The program starts executing as soon as evive starts up.
  • By default the innocent face will be facing us, thus set the default angle to 0 degrees.
  • Now, if the distance measured by the ultrasonic sensor whose trigger and echo pin are connected to Pin 2 and 3 of evive is less than 10.Then the servo should turn 180 degrees and the scary face should be facing us.
  • We will blink the LEDs 50 times with a small delay time.
  • Then for by default, it should set the servo back to normal.

Step 13: Conclusion

With this, your creepy Halloween doll is ready to scare the people away!

Happy Halloween!

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