DIY Cup Dispenser for $8-9 Compared to One Purchased From a Wholesaler or a Retail Supplier Ranging Anywhere From $100-$500.




Introduction: DIY Cup Dispenser for $8-9 Compared to One Purchased From a Wholesaler or a Retail Supplier Ranging Anywhere From $100-$500.

About: Will give anything a go

How to build a simple Cup dispenser in around 10-15mins from start to finish out of bits and pieces I found lying around in the shed.

Step 1: Mark Out & Drill Holes

Measure out and drill 3 x 4mm holes in 25mm from end of pipe

Step 2: Attach Hardware

How to attach the hardware,
Use either tool to attach the them.
What it should look like once completed

Step 3: Add Cups

Put your cups in nearly finished
Holds 50 x 340ml cups

Step 4: End Cap

Sit the end cap on top of the pipe to prevent any dust from getting in

Step 5: Attaching It to the Wall, There Is 2 Options on How It Can Be Hung.

Both options are hung from a screw in your wall.
Option 1
Bracket fixed to the back side
Option 2
A couple of large cable ties one at the bottom and one at the top as a cheaper alternative.

Step 6: 4 Ways to Finish It Off.

1.It's hard to paint PVC but if you are going to give it a go 1st start with a light sand and then a couple of coats of primer before the final coat of colour.
2. Wrap it in basic school book contact or go online and by some carbon fibre looking sticker in any colour you like for around $5 or $6.
3. Grab a handful of Sharpie markers and go to town. Draw whatever floats your boat.
4. It can be stained but it is a slow costly process trust me I've tried it.


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    4 years ago

    Good idea, which is what I wanted, but I found a better option than this. This is too much work and too many parts in the example above. I went to Lowe's and they only had long pipes for $11 and some change. Too much money and I'm not going to use the rest of the pipe for anything.

    I got this 4" x 24" round pipe:

    I then got a cap for it:

    For the bottom I got this:

    It's crimped, so you can just bend the little tabs in, and it holds the cup like an actual cup holder does.

    The only thing you will have to do is clean the pipes before you use them. I am not sure if they use oil when making them or something.

    For attaching them to the wall I used velcro strips that will hold 15 pounds.

    No drilling, no cutting pipes, I like it at 2 feet long so it holds lots of cups.

    Cost me less than $11, as I already had velcro from a previous project.


    5 years ago

    I had used the same idea for a plastic bag dispenser in my shallow pantry closet. A large wood dowel pushes down and ejects a balled up plastic grocery bag from the bottom end. I merely drilled access holes to mount it to the wooden shelf edges, it's so low- tech it's no- tech. ☺

    bag disp.JPG

    Reply 5 years ago

    It's good making everyday things easier isn't it.
    This was my first attempt at making a instructable. The first of many more I reckon.