Introduction: DIY Custom Calendar/Planner Book!

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Finding a calendar book or planner can be stressful and difficult... Many stores don't even carry them unless it's near the end of the year. Many times, people (especially students) buy calendar books for school only to need new ones a few months later. There is a simple solution to the problem, however; make your own calendar book! Doing so not only allows you to customize the content and size of the book but it also let's you decide what dates to include. If you wanted to, you could start in the middle of August and finish in June of next year! When you make things yourself, the possibilities are endless! So if you're looking for a year's worth of endless possibilities, let's get started!!!

Step 1: Materials

You will need: four 60-page memo pads, tape, scissors, a pen, a marker, and a hot glue gun.

Step 2: Take Apart the Memo Pads

Take three of the memo pads apart completely. Save everything but the springs.

Step 3: Cut Paper

Take the paper from the three dismantled memo pads and cut off the holes on the tops. All of the paper should be a uniform size.

Step 4: Cut Strips

Take the front cover from one of the dismantled memo books and cut it into small strips.

Step 5: Month Headings Pt. 1

Take 12 pieces of paper and attach the strips to one side using tape. The strips should all be visible when the papers are stacked (like file tabs). We will add text in the next step.

Step 6: Month Headings Pt.2

On the side of the paper that has no tape, write the month and the year. An example would be "March 2013." Underneath, write the word "notes." Write the month abbreviations on both sides of the tab using the marker.

Step 7: Month Headings-Completed

Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all twelve months. Make sure that the tabs are staggered.

Step 8: Daily Pages

This is the long part! On each of the remaining pieces of paper, write the date and the day in the top corner. Then continue on the fronts and backs of each page until you have an entire years worth of dates written down. It helps to have another calendar handy for reference. To make the work quicker you could get a helper to split up the work with you. When you are done, split the pages into months.

Step 9: Adding the Headings

Add the month headings to each month of papers. Next, stack all of the months in chronological order.

Step 10: Making Covers

Take a front cover and a back cover from one of the dismantled memo pads and cut them both to the same size as the paper. Add them to the stack of paper as a front and back cover.

Step 11: Extra Pages

Take four pieces of paper from the fourth memo pad and cut them to size. On one, write a book heading (tells the dates covered by the calendar book), and add it to the front of the book. Place a second sheet on top of it. Add the other two sheets to the back. Replace the covers.

Step 12: Binding the Book

Apply hot glue to the side of the stack of paper opposite the tabs. Make sure the papers are lined up and glued properly!

Step 13: Cut the Spine

Take the last of the three front covers from the dismantled memo pads and cut a long strip the same size as the side of the stack of paper. Hot glue it to the side of the book opposite the tabs to create a spine.

Step 14: Title

Cut one final strip from one of the front covers and write a title on it (for example: "PLANNER"). Hot glue it to the front cover.

Step 15: Done!!!

Congratulations!!! You now have your own custom pocket planner! I hope it comes in handy! Thanks for viewing! Enjoy!!!

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