Introduction: DIY Cute Spring Cleaning Checklist Notepad

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Hello friends!

This is an simple instructable that will help you make a cute spring cleaner checklist notepad.

Well, folks ! Spring is around the corner, and you maybe lacking one fantastic cleaning checklist to get the chores done systematically. With this, get your tedious cleaning chores done and live each moment of spring in utmost joy and freedom..!


i have included all the supplies below.

  • 1 scrapbook
  • 1 pack of colour pencils
  • 1 pack of sketchpens
  • 1 paper glue
  • 1 craft scissor
  • 1 standard scissor
  • 1 scale
  • 1 A3 size white chart paper paper
  • 1 plastic 7.9mm Spiral Binding Coil 5/16inch
  • 1 hole puncher
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 black pen
  • 1 cardboard base ( 19 cm * 9 cm)

Well thats all !

Step 1: Creating a Base

Cut out a 19 cm * 9 cm base from any piece of card board. In my case, i used the back cover of my faber castle colour pencil pack.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Paper Notes

Next is to cut out the colour paper notes.

  • So for that take your scrap book.
  • Draw a 19 cm * 9 cm rectangle.
  • Cut it out and place it aside.

Step 3: Layering Colour Paper Notes Vertically

  • now repeat the earlier step for 10 times., as to get 11 identical rectangular pieces of various colour.
  • Once you have cut them out, place them layer by layer above each.
  • Put some vertical space between each paper notes

Step 4: Keeping Equal Vertical Distance in Between Each Colour Paper Note

  • take a scale and arrange the colour paper notes equidistantly in a vertical order.
  • In my case i gave . 7mm distance between adjacent vertical paper notes.
  • This is upto you, as moving forward we are going to write in that space., so take the space which makes you comfortable to write as well being visible to your eyes.

Step 5: Drawing a Horizontal Line on Topmost Colour Paper Note

    Once you have successfully arranged the paper notes equidistantly as shown above in the figure.

    • Shift the lowermost paper note horizontally as shown in the figure.
    • Take a scale and draw a line horizontally on the uppermost paper note corresponding with the upper edge of the lower most paper note.

    Step 6: Cutting Along the Line

    • once you have drawn the line, take a standard/ normal scissor and cut along the line horizontally.
    • Keep aside the smaller fragments as they are of use later.

    Step 7: Creating White Rectangular Chart Cut Outs

    now you have to write the checklist, for that i used a white chart paper.

    Cut out 11 rectangular pieces of white chart paper of dimensions

    • 8 cm * 5 cm
    • 8 cm * 6 cm
    • 8 cm * 7 cm
    • 8 cm * 8 cm
    • 8 cm * 9 cm
    • 8 cm * 10 cm
    • 8 cm * 11 cm
    • 8 cm * 12 cm
    • 8 cm * 13 cm
    • 8 cm * 14 cm
    • 8 cm * 15 cm

    Step 8: Pasting the Chart Cut Outs on Colour Paper Notes

    once you have cut out 11 white chart pieces, the next step is to paste them on the colourful paper note according to their corresponding size.

    Before you paste them with the use of a glue,

    • You can use the craft scissors to give different borders ( eg. wavy ) for a fancy design.
    • Its not necessary, but surely it improves the overall design of the notepad

    Step 9: Look Out for These

    While pasting the chart cut outs on scrap cut outs ,

    • Paste each chart paper on the colour paper from bottom edge after leaving a equal distance from the bottom edge. (.7 mm in my case, or as suitable for you.)
    • Make sure that there is space on the top part of the colour paper for hole puncher. ( for later use).

    Step 10: Writing the Spring Cleaning Checklist Content

    Now coming to the actual content, or the checklist, this was a tricky part as i could initially not find a good one.

    After hours of browsing the internet, i came across the ultimate room-by-room spring cleaning checklist.

    Well, here the link below, and let me warn you, its really- really good.

    Step 11: Creating Round Check Boxes

    Now once you have completed writing the check list as shown in the figure above,

    • Use a hole puncher to make small round check boxes of various colours.
    • Paste them in a vertical order each one for each task.
    • Colour combination are of your choice
    • I followed a vivid and contrasting colour scheme.

    Step 12: Writing the Heading

    once the content is wrtten and the round check box are pasted, its time to write headings.

    • Write the cleaning area ( eg. Kitchen) in the lowermost part of colour paper as shown in the picture above.
    • I used a combination of correction pen and black pen to make them stand apart.

    Step 13: Creating a Set of Cute Animal Faces

    And now coming to the part i loved the most,

    • I drew 11 cute animals on a a 4 sheet paper and then coloured them with a combination of sketchpens and colour pencils.
    • I just used the internet as a source, but you free to run your imaginations wild.

    Step 14: Organising the Cute Animal Faces

    keep them aside according to the colour design in which you are going to paste them on the checklist.

    • Use the earlier small fragment of colour paper notes to organize them.

    Step 15: Pasting the Cute Animal Faces on Each Colour Paper Note

    Use an adequate amount of glue, and paste one animal face for each colour paper as shown above.

    • I chose to keep it at right bottom corner.

    Step 16: Keeping Them Aside

    Once you have done the earlier step. Keep them aside

    Step 17: My Small Mistake

    • i have to humbly admit that i made a mistake while i was making this notepad ( no need to worry as i have corrected it for you when i started writing this instructable.)
    • I had used a shorter verical dimension for my color paper. ( 15 cm * 9 cm ) and it left me with no space to do spiral binding on top of the colour paper.
    • So instead i took a piece of each colour paper of dimensions 4cm * 9cm and overlapped it on back of each colou paper. And glued it.
    • Inorder to avoid this mistake for you i have increased the vertical dimension from 15 cm to 19 cm.
    • Thus So far, its all good!!

    Step 18: Hole Punching the Colour Notes and the Base

    i chose to spiral bind this notepad, so i used a hole puncher. As shown in the picture above.

    As for the spiral binding coil, i used

    • 7.9mm Spiral Binding Coil 5/16in

    Step 19: Creating a Front Cover

    • A broomstick? Yes-its a broomstick!!
    • I chose to use this as the cover as it gives a creative look to the checklist notepad.
    • You can run your imagination wild and create all kinds of front cover. Now thats exciting!!

    Step 20: Hole Punching the Broomstick

    Next step is to carefully punch holes on broomstick, aligning correctly to the earlier holes on the colour paper.

    • It was a bit risky, so i used a different method.
    • I aligned the broom stick on the top colour paper note and used a sketch pen to to soak in through the paper surface of broom stick, making a hole. I repeated this method for each holes.

    Step 21: Spiral Binding

    Finally, insert the spiral binding coil carefully throgh the holes.

    • Make sure you do it with a slow pace, as to reduce the risk of tearing the paper.
    • Make sure the base is also binded rightly.

    Step 22: Well, Thats All.. !!

    And you have just made a stunning cute spring cleaning checklist notepad.

    Make sure you enjoy the lovely spring and Dont forget to do the cleaning!!

    Thank you.

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