Introduction: D.I.Y DNA Form

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This is a very is to make DNA form. It'll help you remember everything about DNA and you can also "wow" your teachers.

Step 1: Cut

You need:

  • · Cork Sheets
  • · Paint
  • · Marker
  • · Thread
  • · Needle
  • · Glue

Step !: Take a cork sheet line out how long and width you want your sticks to be. Then cut them out using a box cutter.Split the sticks in 2 sections. I have 13 sticks I’m splitting them in 5 and 8.

Step 2: Color

Pick a section to color. I’m picking the small section:

o First color the sticks both ends blue (Sugar)

o Then in the middle Half yellow (Adenine)

o Then the other half Green (Thymine)

Color the rest like that.

Now take the large section,

o Color both end blue (like before)

o Half of the middle Red (Cytosine)

o Other half Orange/Brown (Guanine)

Leave them out to dry.

Step 3: Hook and Glue

Thread a thick thread to a needle as long as your sticks are

when you keep them aligned

Now find a place to hang the thread, hang it keep the needle hanging from the bottom.

I’m going to name the two sections to make it easy Small section is “A”, large section is “B”.

Take a piece of A get it through the thread then take a piece of B get it through the thread glue it to the previous stick but not straight, make it a little curved as if you’re almost making an “X”(These curves helps to get the spiral shape. Now thread another B glue it the previous B and keep it curved. I’ve added a picture to understand what comes after what.

I hope you enjoy making this.

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