Introduction: DIY Die Grinder Holder

About: I am a 18 year old engineering student who dabbles in woodworking, welding and occasional chainsaw carving.

I've recently salvaged a usable air compressor from someones garbage and thought about using pneumatic tools to build projects. I started using a die grinder to sand and cut materials for projects. The problem is, when I am working on the bench and I leave that tool plugged into the compressor, they find a fast and destructive way to the floor. The heavy air hose along with the vibration on the bench are the enemy.

This project requires ZERO welding, sawing or over the top equipment making it great for people like me who are just getting into the world of making. Its made of cardboard and before you lose interest because it sounds flimsy, it is very strong. It simply screws into your work bench and is designed to hold a die grinder but also could hold light air ratchets and other tools.


- 5 Sheets of cardboard

- Hot glue

- Screw

- Sharpie

- Multitool or exacto blade

- Screw driver

- Tape measure

- Vernier calipers (optional)

Step 1: Measurements

I firstly measure the diameter of the die grinder disc. It needs to be large than the slot that will be cut. In the case of the tool Im using, the disc is about 1 1/2 inch in diameter so the slot will be 1 inch wide, giving a quarter inch on either side of the holder for support. I used a sharpie to transfer the markings to the end of a sheet of card board. You can cut it to the size you want, I went with 5 4x8 inch pieces of cardboard which work perfect for this job.

Step 2: Cutting Slot and Lamination

I clamped the cardboard together all lined up and I then cut the slot using a multi tool knife. Its important to ensure they are lined up on top of each other so that they are accurately cut in the same spot. After cutting, I laminated the pieces together using hot glue and applied firm, even pressure as the glue cured. This increases the strength of the build too.

Step 3: Done!

Screw the holder down on the edge of your workbench with the edge of the inner slot slightly overlapping the workbench top. Voila! You just made a cheap and easy tool holder that requires minimal resources and time to build. I coated mine with a thick layer of hot glue to protect the cardboard from softening if water or oil land on it and I sanded it too. It looks ugly but it gets the job done and this makes use out of abundant materials just being thrown out. You could build this project for free.