Introduction: DIY Disney Castle Projection Mapping

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Bring the thrill of Disney World into your home. A simple projection mapping setup can bring the thrill of the finale show at the park.

Step 1: Print the Pics

DIY Disney Projection Mapping

Print out the images, tape them to foam core and cut them out. Make a display area of foam core as well. Cut some 1/2" foam core squares and glue the cutouts to the back of the display area to offset them.

Link to Google Doc of printable images.

Macro lens for mini projector.

Step 2: Align It All

Attach the background image to small 1/2" foam core squares to offset it from the back of the display area. Line up the foreground image and do the same.

Placing the towers is a little more difficult, so I projected the video first before placing them to make sure they get lined up properly with the projected tower image.

On the video projector you might need a macro lens over the front to get it to the right scale and so you can place the projector close to the screen. I just taped it to the outside of the lens, you can make a more permanent attachment.