Introduction: DIY Dive Slate

Instructions on how to make a 3-pager dive slate out of everyday materials. (All you need: diskettes, pencil, aquarium air hose)

Dont want to spend on a $5.00 dive slate? or just plain DIY fun? This is a very easy to make project, cheap too! For the thrifty and the bored.

Step 1: Materials for the Slate

All you need are the ff:

- 3 (or more) diskettes
- an aquarium air hose (14 inches or more)
- a pencil
- a knife/cutter

Step 2: Take Off the Front-part of the Diskettes

Dismantle the diskettes. We will just need the front part for the writing surface.

Step 3: Cut the Pencil in Half

Use your knife/cutter to split the pencil in two.

Step 4: Tie the Hose to the Slates

Tie one end of the hose to the rectangular hole on top of the diskettes. Make two simple knots if you need to.

Step 5: Tie the Other End of the Hose to the Pencil

Tie the other end of the hose to the pencil. You can make a single knot, but do it real tight.

Step 6: Wrap the Pencil Around the Slate

Wrap the hose around the slate, and tuck the pencil in.
Dont forget to sharpen your pencil.

Step 7: Final Word

A sharp pencil works best.
You may use the first page as a safety cover, so as to protect what you've written from accidental erasure.
Tie the slate to your bc or belt.