Introduction: DIY Drone Range Extenders

About: I like to make stuff and show it to others.

Welcome to my project guys, I have made this video to experiment and to test if I could make something to extend the range of my DJI Mavic Mini drone, Not that I needed to extend it since the range is enough for me, but I wanted to make this because of curiosity mostly.

Step 1: Drink Some Beer ( Most Crucial Step )

You only need one beer can, actually it doesnt even have to be beer but I wanted to give you a reason to have a drink. Im sure Mrs. will understand ;)

Step 2: Mark It and Cut It

Use a marking pen to mark a circle around a can and use scissors, or angle grinder like me ( Dont use angle grinder after drinking beer ) and cut two small sheets like in the video, then drill holes in the corners, use some wire to stiffen everything up, use some ruber band to mount it to your antenas or use masking tape as me, and you are set...

Now go watch my video till the end where i test this little gadget we just made, and you will see that not only we got further with our drone, we had better signal quality all the way..

Thanks and bye