DIY Drone Suitcase



Introduction: DIY Drone Suitcase

In this instructable, I will show you how I made a suitcase for my X3 Syma quadrotor. This suitcase is lightweight, protective, and made from components that can be found easily.

You need an old suitcase and a piece of white PVC foam.

Step 1: Cut the Shapes

Using a heated metal nail, cut the foam according to the shapes of the drone, the transmitter, and the charger. You may use a hot wire cutter as well.

Step 2: Add Some Depth

The components fits well, but the cut is shallow and is not able to hold the components tightly. So use some foam pieces to create the depth. You may also curve the foam to handle the body of the drone.

Step 3: Refinement

Add four holes to hold the batteries. If the charger is not holding in place, add a plastic bag wrapped tightly. All this mess will be covered with cloth soon.

Step 4: Cover the Foam With Cloth

Choose a nice piece of cloth, dye the front side of the foam with glue and place the cloth on it

use whatever you find to ensure that the cloth is reaching all the glued surfaces..

wait 24 hours for the glue to dry up... And finally glue the cloth to the backside of the foam piece. wait another 24 hours

Step 5: Done

Place the covered foam piece inside the suitcase...

Now you have a nice suitcase for your drone that protects it from chocks and vibration.

The following video lists the above steps:

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