Introduction: DIY Dryer Sheets

Want to cut down the money you spend on laundry. Here is a great trick to make your own dryer sheets! Not only are they cheaper, they are reusable. All you have to do is put them back and let them soak before throwing back into another load of laundry.

Step 1: Ingredients/supplies

Here are the ingredients and supplies you need to make your own dryer sheets


1 cup of White vinegar

10-20 drops of essential oil (can be found in the soap making section of your local craft store)


Mason Jar or another wide mouth jar with a lid

Scrap fabric

Step 2: Mix Ingredients

Start my mixing your vinegar and oil in your mason jar.

Experiment a little with how much essential oil you put into the jar. The essential oils are very concentrated so adding a little bit can make a large difference.

Don't forget to stir the mixture to mix up all the oil and vinegar

Step 3: Cut Up Fabric Into Squares

I made my squares between 6" to 8" large. I didn't want to make something too big or too small. I would suggest making about 12 squares. They should all be able to fit in the jar at one time.

Each load of laundry will use about 3-4 fabric pieces

Step 4: Add Fabric Pieces

Now put the fabric into your mason jar mixture. Make sure all the pieces of fabric get completely soaked in the liquid.

You can even shake it up a few times if you want to. (don't forget to put the lid on first)

Now your dryer sheets are ready to use, Put your dryer sheet jar with all the other laundry supplies.

Step 5: Use

Whenever you have a load of laundry throw between 3-4 dryer sheets in with the laundry. Your laundry will come out soft and fresh. Throw the used fabric pieces back in the jar and soon they will be ready to use again! A great money saving alternative to conventional dryer sheets!

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