Introduction: DIY Easy Bench Vise

This is simple project with 3d printing. I found on thingiverse very well designed functional Machine vise. But it has something missed. Sticking to surface is a bit problem. Because it is vise it has to be rigid and stationary or you want to call "fixed". So I redesign the base part of vise and use some old apple peeler to make vacuum based holder. Now it can be used as a real vise :)


  • 3D Printing
  • Something has vacuum holder( I used old apple peeler)
  • 2 Nuts and bolts( Size is up to your own design)

Step 1: Gathering Parts

  1. An old apple peeler or some kind of vacuum base holder
  2. 3D printed parts
  3. Nuts and bolts
  4. I think its enough :)

Step 2: Redesign Vise in Software to Connect With Vacuum

I redesigned the part that fit with the vacuum holder.

Step 3: Making Parts Ready

Remove the two nuts that holding peeler. And remove the vacuum base from peeler. Now its about to be ready.

Step 4: 3D Print the Parts

You can find the STL files of vise in here.

And also my remix in here.

Step 5: Time to Connect Things

First connect the main gears to sliding jaw. Be sure that notched side alligned.

Step 6: Keep Continue

Then connect the sliding jaw to base A. It should look like this.

Step 7: Putting Handle

Put the handle to the center of vise. Dont worry it will fit snugly :)

Step 8: Completing Upper Vise

Now put the base B on the base A and compress it gently. It will fit snugly again.

There you are! You have completed the upper half of our project :)

Step 9: Finalizing With Accesories

Now put the Jaw Plate and Base plate as shown in pictures.

Step 10: Vise With Vacuum

Now put the vacuum base to down below vise. And use bolts and nuts to fix it together.

Step 11: Vacuum Power

Then put the pieces together as shown in pictures.

Step 12: Happy Ending

Now you have completed project. This vise wil be your 3rd and 4th hand. Be sure :)

It will hold anything and you will work amazingly ! :)

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