DIY Lipo Powered Mouse

Introduction: DIY Lipo Powered Mouse

In this Modify it project we will modify the aa battery powered wireless mouse and turn into usb chargeable wireless mouse. I want to make this project because aa battery is not last too long for me. And its out of battery quickly. So I choose the lipo method to save Green and money :) Time to upgrade !


  • Any type of 2x (aa or aaa) battery powered mouse
  • Lipo (mAh is not matter, much mAh much using time mine is 500mAh)
  • TP4056 lipo charger circuit.(Easy to find and bulk cheap)
  • Jumper Wires
  • Soldering iron
  • Some very basic soldering skill :)

Step 1: Parts Parts Parts

You will use this parts or similar them.

Step 2: Some Soldering

Solder as shown and descripted in photos. Dont worry it will easier than you guess.

And little bit hot glue to fix everything in place.

Step 3: Much Soldering :)

Now solder two wire( I used Jumper but its not needed) out of TP4056 Bat + is black wire Bat - is orange wire (sorry for color confuse:))

Step 4: Lets Connect

Solder the TP4056 to battery unit as shown and described picture. Hot glue it to make it rigid.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

Wire the lipo as shown and described in picture.

Step 6: Welcome to the Lipo AGE

Now all your misery and pain was gone. All you will do is pluging your mouse any type of phone charger. And thats it. İts charging verry fast depending on your mAh. But mine takes 30 minutes. Congratulations you have reach the Lipo AGE :)

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Suraj Grewal
Suraj Grewal

2 years ago

Apple edition ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


2 years ago

Since your mouse looks for one AA battery with voltage 1.5V and your LiPo has charged voltage 4.2V i don't recommend this. Even if it works for your mice it can immediately destroy different mouse. And there is no over-discharge protection. Why you didn't use the version of TP4056 with over-discharge protection and output pads?


Reply 2 years ago

  • Any type of 2x aa or aaa battery powered mouse
As you see I stated in intro. This instructables just work with 2x (aa or aaa) battery mouse.
I am using this mouse for 3 years. I didnt encounter any problem. My TP4056 has feature that cut the power when lipo reach 4.2V. But yours one would be usable anyway.
Thanks for comment by the way :)