Introduction: DIY Easy Cinderblock Patio Bench

About: My name is Blake, I make things for a living. I love experimenting with new materials to create sculptures, furniture and everything in between.

You can build this cinderblock patio bench with NO POWER TOOLS! Check out all the steps so you can do it yourself.


For ONE Bench you will need

1.) 14 Cinderblocks 8"x8"x16" ( Big box store)

2.) 6, 8' 4x4's (Big box store)

3.) Construction Adhesive

4.) Exterior paint - Valspar Stormcoat exterior (home Depot)

5.) Paint roller-

6.) Caulking Gun-

7.) Wood Stain-

8.) Wood Sealer-

9. Sandpaper sponge thingy-

For the Upholstery

1.) 4" Foam cushioning-

2.) Fabric (Local Fabric store)

3.) T-50 Staple gun-

4.) 1/4" Staples-

5.) 1/8" x 4'x8' piece of fiberboard (EUCABOARD)- (big box store) 6.) Hand Saw-

Step 1: Gather Materials

Check out the Materials list for all materials used.

Step 2: Lightly Sand the 4x4's

You will need to lightly sand the 4x4's. Make sure to sand off sharp corners and edges as well as any labeling from the factory.

Sanding will prepare each 4x4 for better staining in step 2.

Step 3: Stain and Seal the 4x4's

I used a Special Walnut stain along with a polyurethane sealant for the 4x4's. Let the stain soak into the wood for around 20 minutes, then make sure to wipe off the access stain completely with a rag before applying the sealing coat of polyurethane. Apply the polyurethane coating and make sure to let it cure completely.

Step 4: Dry Fit the Cinderblocks.

Do a dry fit of the cinderblocks to make sure they are all even and fit together nicely.

Step 5: Glue Up the Cinderblocks

Glue up the cinderblocks by applying a liberal bead of construction adhesive. Make sure to place each cinderblock as precise as possible, because you will not be able to move them once cured. Allow the adhesive to cure overnight before painting.

Step 6: Paint the Cinderblocks

I used a common exterior paint to cover all the cinderblocks. I used less than 1 gallon of paint. You may need to switch from a paint roller to a small brush to get inside all the cracks between the cinderblocks.

Step 7: Do a Dry Fit and Test the Bench.

Do a dry fitting of the 4x4's to make sure the cinderblocks are where you want them. Move them around to get the look you want.

Step 8: Upholster Cushions

Check the materials list for everything you will need for the upholstery.

Step 9: Upholster

Measure your bench seat and cut the cushion to fit. Take the 1/8" Fiber board (eucaboard) and cut it slightly smaller than the cushion you have just cut. Lay down the fabric and put the cushion on top leaving around 16" of fabric on all sides. place the Fiberboard on top and pull the fabric tightly over the cushion. Start at both long sides and staple into the fiberboard. Once both long sides are complete start to work on the ends. Do the corners last and fold them the same way on all four sides.

Step 10: Test Out the Cushion

If you fall asleep immediately you know you did it right.

Step 11: YOU ARE DONE! Add Some Contrasting Pillows and You Are Complete!

Easy as that! Finished!