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Introduction: DIY - Electric Handheld Fan

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There are times when you would trade your kingdom for a fan. During the hot, muggy climates, waiting for long in ticket lines, the intense heat and humidity can make one feel irritated, sleepy and snappy. In this instructable, i decided to make DIY Electric Handheld Fan. It is a mini portable electric fan that can be made very easily and can be a useful gadget in situations mentioned above.

I agree that my electric handheld fan in not very attractive as compared to the products available in the market but it does perform well when needed.

Step 1: Watch the Video

There is no better tool than a detailed video that can provide deep insight into the procedure. However, also make sure to visit next steps for additional details and images.

Step 2: Order Parts

  1. Coreless DC motor -
  2. Toggle Switch -
  3. 3.7v Li-ion Battery -
  4. PCB Board -
  5. Office Clips -

  1. Coreless DC motor -
  2. Toggle Switch -
  3. 3.7v Li-ion Battery -
  4. PCB Board -
  5. Office Clips -

  1. Coreless DC motor -
  2. Toggle Switch -
  3. 3.7v Li-ion Battery -
  4. PCB Board -
  5. Office Clips -

From Home & local Store: Plastic Sheet, Connecting wires and Scissors.

Note: I used the propellers from an old toy lying around my house, however the small propellers available with the motors are also effective.

Step 3: Let's Get Started

  1. Take a plastic sheet and draw a large peanut shape as shown in the image.
  2. Cut the plastic sheet carefully and make two identical pieces.
  3. Measure the dimension of motors and toggle switch.
  4. Make holes for both the parts in the plastic sheet as can be seen in the attached images.
  5. Insert the motors in the holes made in plastic sheets and secure the motors with hot glue.
  6. Attach the propellers to the motor shaft.
Note: When you install the propeller, press and hold the back of the motor to prevent damage to the motor. In order to prevent unnecessary loss, buy one more for Spare.

Step 4: Make the Battery Holder

I used a 18650 li-ion battery as the power source for the electric fan. You can get a 18650 holder from the market or can make one easily at home.

Refer to my instructables on DIY 18650 Battery Holder to make a battery holder at home. If you prefer visuals, you can also watch my video tutorial to make a 18650 Battery holder.

Step 5: Assemble Parts and Make Connections

  1. Using the toggle switch, assemble both motors and the battery holder with eachother to form the electric hand held fan as shown in the attached image.
  2. Connect both the motors in parallel, so that they both move in same direction when powered ON.
  3. Connect a switch between the motors and the battery holder.
  4. Refer to the schematic to make connections.

Step 6: Testing and Possible Upgrades

Our DIY Electric Hand held Fan is ready. Insert a 18650 Battery in the holder and press the switch to turn ON the fan.

Although there are many upgrades possible (suggestions are always welcome in comments section) but i thought of few useful upgrades that would make this gadget at par with the products available in the market.

  1. Adding a TP4056 Charging Module: Using this module the battery can be easily charged without any need to remove it from the battery holder.
  2. 3D printing an Enclosure: it is also possible to design a beautiful enclosure and print it using a 3D printer at home.
  3. Adding Variable Speed control: This additional feature can be easily provided just by connecting a potentiometer between the battery and the motors.

So friends, this here concludes the instructable. In case you might have missed, have a look at the video to see how i made the Electric Handheld Fan at home. Stay tuned and don't forget to Follow my instructables to receive regular updates.

Thanks for Your Support..!

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    4 years ago

    I need a fan like this.


    Reply 4 years ago


    It is quite simple to make, however, If you plan on making this i would suggest you to use a mini quadcopter like propellers instead of any other. They help in blowing a lot more wind.