DIY Electric Sewing Machine Table

Introduction: DIY Electric Sewing Machine Table

I have an old shelf which I made 2 years ago. That was my 2nd wood project. Later I modified to use with sewing machine. But it did not workout properly because there is no proper table top (Stitching platform). In this instructable I am going to show how I made table top so that we can sew easily and comfortably just like traditonal mechanical sewing machine.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • 12mm MDF
  • PVC vinyl sheet
  • Wood glue
  • PVC glue
  • Masking tape
  • Wood screws
  • Edge band

Step 2: Making Table Top

I cut the MDF to the desired length, and traced the sewing machine. Using jigsaw I cut the marked region.

Step 3: Table Top Height

Sewing machine height is exactly 7 cm. I cut 5.8 cm width wood strips(MDF width is 12 mm), glued and screw fitted to the shelf.

Step 4: PVC Vinyl

I attached the PVC vinyl sheet and edge band with pvc glue and secured with masking tape for 24 hrs.

Step 5: Sewing Machine Height Adjustment

After inserting the sewing machine there a slight gap between the machine and table top. I covered the gap by gluing old plastic ruler at the bottom.

Step 6: Final Step

I have not changed the interior but painted with black.

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