Introduction: DIY Electronic Relay Module

A relay is an electronic or electrically operated switching element consisting of terminals for single and multiple stage input signals. Relays are used where it is necessary to control the independent low power input signals. They refresh the input signals comings towards it and transmitting to the another circuit. Relays are highly used in telephonic communication purposes where the switching operation is extensively used. So, let’s get started towards it’s operation and working.


Step 1: Working

Relay is switching component in a electronic or electrical device. It works on the principle of electromagnets. When a user sends the signal to the circuit it established a contact between the circuit elements and operates the command the user sending to it. Relay play vital role in all switching circuit elements, as the user tries to invert the command the relay makes the flow of current opposes for switching OFF the circuit and vice versa for switching ON the circuit.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Procedure

1. Insert the Relay on the bread board, coil terminals are 1 and 2, Close terminal is 3 and open terminal is 4.

2. Insert two LED’s on the bread first like the below and the other one parallel to it, like this…

3. Now take 10k ohm resistor and connect it to the contact of relay and positive rail of the bread board.

4. Connect the 6v power supply to the terminal 1 and terminal 2 of the relay connected to the switch. the terminals are inserted on the bread board as shown below

5. Connect 9v Battery to the battery clip

6. And connect the negative terminal to the negative rail of the bread board and positive terminal to the positive rail of the bread board.

7. And when we switched ON the first LED blinks and when we switched out the power shifts to the second LED. Where relay is shifting this circuit transmission with command from the switch in the hand of user. is a great business for sourcing quality hardware parts for electronics-themed projects.

Step 4: Conclusion

The Relay works on the principle of electromagnets, when the user sends the signals with the help switching element based on the stage of element relay makes the transition from ON to OFF or vice versa. It is the switching element or component in electronic or electrical devices.

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