Introduction: DIY Engine Mounts Rebuild for Cheap

These engine mounts were shot, they could be separated in 2 pieces, asking for the replacement part in local part stores they were too expensive and didn't have them in existence, and ordering them online would cost me a lot in shipping.

So I got this idea from a lot of youtube videos they do this to round mounts but I thought if it worked on those why it couldn't in this one, then bought this auto glass urethane for 12 dollars



-Caulking gun

-Primer and paint(Optional)

Step 1: Injecting the Urethane and Part Prep

First, thoroughly clean the engine mounts before applying the urethane I used concentrated degreaser scrubbed them and rinsing them off with a pressure washer, let them dry in the sun or use an air compressor to speed things up.

Place the urethane in the caulking gun and start injecting it from the bottom center part to the outside then lightly push down and let it sit 5 minutes to apply the top part

Note: If your mounts are as shot as mine were, be careful to align the part that bolts to the engine as straight as you can.

Apply the top part from the top indents to the bottom until you completely fill it to the outside.

Let it sit for 30 minutes and it should be dry and done, I recommend wearing gloves as this is a very messy process.

Step 2: Outside Prep for Paint

This mounts had minimal surface rust but I wanted them to look good so i just brushed them with a wire wheel and sanded them lightly, then cleaned the surface with degreaser and a rag, and they were ready for paint.

Step 3: Paint Time!

I applied 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of black paint 10 mins between coats with primer and 20 with the paint then let it dry overnight and voila!

Hope this is helpful for you, thanks for reading!