Introduction: DIY Extension Board

Using Electronics / Electrical's Appliances at some places becomes so hard due to lack of electric supply. Same thing happened with me few days back when I was trying to use my music system in my garden. But there was no power plug in my garden and thus I had to cancel the plan. Then I decided to make my own extension board. So here it is one of the most easy method to make a Extension Board.

This method will teach you the most Easy and Fast method to make an Extension board.

Step 1: Materials Required

Tools Required :

1) Screwdriver

2) Pliers / Wire Stripper & Cutter

Material Required :

1) Combined Box

2) Hole WH Switch (20 Amp)

3) 3 pin (6 Amp) Plug

Step 2: Opening the Box

Open the box with the help of Screws on either sides.

Now make a Hole on the box. Remember that the hole must be on the front part i.e. on the wall which is near the Earthing Pin Hole.

To make the hole you can use a sharp Knife.

The aim to make a hole at that wall is to make passage space for the wire.

Step 3: Circuit

It is the most easiest circuit. The only thing you need to do is to join the live part of the socket to one contact point of the switch.

Step 4: Circuit

Now join the Green Wire to the Earthing Point, the Black Wire to the Neutral point and the Red wire to the other contact point on the switch.

After inserting the wire in the box tie a Knot in the wire so that it does not slip out of the box while using the Extension Board.

Step 5: 3 Pin Connection

Strip the wire and open the 3 Pin Plug. In the plug there is a small cylindrical wire attachment, insert this attachement in the wire.

Now Connect the Green wire to the Earth contact point, the Black wire to the Neutral contact point and the Red wire to the Live contact point.

Now join all the pieces of the plug.

Step 6: Extension Board Ready

Your Extension Board is completed and ready to use !!

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