Introduction: DIY Wooden Clamp

Workshop related tasks are nightmare without availability of clamps. I realized this thing when few days back I was working on a project that required sticking of two wooden pieces. In that project I used rubber bands to perform the task of a clamp.

But this could have become mush easier if I had a Clamp.

It was then I decided to make my own clamp. But I wanted it to be cheap and easy. So, here it is, one of the most easy, cheap and fast method to make a Clamp.

Step 1: Materials Required

For making this clamp the only material you require is a Strong Wood Strip (1 inch * 9 inch) and 2 Nut & Bolt set. (I don't know what kind of wood is that I got it from a nearby carpentry shop as it was of no use to them)

Size of Nut & Bolt Head is 13 mm and the length is 50 mm. (While buying them I had no idea about their size and measurement. So I just chose a random piece and measured its length and head size at home :-P )

For making this Tools Required are:

  • Hand Saw
  • Drill (of appropriate size)
  • pencil / pen for marking

Step 2: Sawing

Saw the wood piece into two equal parts.

Step 3: Marking

Mark the appropriate points for drilling with the help of a scale and pen.

Step 4: Drilling

Drill holes in the wood strip with the help of a Drill Machine.

I drilled the holes of a smaller size so that the bolt is fixed in the wood strip. Then I used the same bolt for making threads inside the wood strip. This threading helps in reducing the use of nut for tightening purpose.

Remember to threadonly one strip of wood.

Step 5: Finalizing

Connect the pieces in the given manner. And try tightening the Bolt. As one strip is threaded, you will barely require the need of a nut. If it slips then you can use the nut.

Step 6: Finished

Your Clamp is ready !!

For using it, all you need to do is to place the pieces that are to be joined between the two strips and Tighten the Bolt.

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