Introduction: DIY Eyebrow Stencils With Printable Template!

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Some of us weren’t born with beautiful lush eyebrows, or even if we were, sometimes they need a little bit of enhancing. Eyebrows are key facial features, and help keep the windows-to-our-souls perfectly framed. Here’s a project that will help you make your “eyeframes” look amazing, and do it super quickly. You’ll be out the door looking great in no time… and best of all – they’re practically free!! You'll save money, and create perfectly customized brow stencils. Let's get to it!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Printable Template

Semi-flexible plastic – I used a plastic cup, but you can upcycle packaging as well

Utility knife (X-acto style)


Cutting mat

Permanent ink pen

Step 1: Prepare Plastic

If using plastic cup, cut off top and bottom with scissors. If using other upcycled packaging, cut away extraneous parts.

Step 2: Print Template and Cut

Print the template, at 100% size. You can add or subtract a percentage point on your printer, if the size needs adjusting.

Choose the desired brow shape, and cut around to remove the shape from the template paper.

Cut out along template lines very carefully with utility knife.

Step 3: Arrange and Trace

Take template cutout, and arrange over plastic piece. Carefully draw inside the template, onto plastic piece.

Step 4: Cut Plastic Template

Remove paper, and carefully cut along the drawn line, with utility knife. Take your time with this step!

It's best to cut directly on the line or just inside, as you can always adjust after the first cut.

Go back and refine cut lines, if needed.

Step 5: Cut Around Stencil

Cut around stencil, especially under and near center, to ensure fit on face.

Step 6: Use Your New Custom Eyebrow Stencils

Place stencil against skin, align with your desired brow placement, and apply brow color with brush. The cool thing about this clear stencil is that it's reversible... simply flip over, and apply color to the other eyebrow. There you go... perfectly symmetrical brows!

Hope you enjoy this beauty tip. Have fun, you gorgeous creature!

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