Introduction: DIY Eyeshadow Palette

This is an instruction set for a DIY eye shadow palette

**Be sure to wear tattered or old clothing, it gets messy!**

**Be sure to cover work area before using Mica Powders**

**Always wear gloves when handling alcohol and Mica Powders**

Step 1:

Step 2: Overview of Products Used

  1. Pigmented mica powders (Can be purchased at arts and crafts store)
  2. Empty eye shadow palette
  3. Double-sided eye shadow brush
  4. High absorbency rubbing alcohol
  5. Felt pads
  6. Aluminum foil
  7. Chalk
  8. Spray Bottle
  9. Latex gloves

Step 3: Preparing the Palette

Apply gloves and make sure palette is wiped clean.

Take almond oil and squeeze two drops into the space being used for your first color.

Start with two drops, but use number of drops needed to entirely cover the desired space in the empty palette

Step 4: Pouring Mica Powder

Choose desired color of mica powder

Take one teaspoon (or half a table spoon depending on supplies used) of mica powder and pour it into palette

Step 5: Wipe Away Excess Powder

Take a piece of paper or paper towel and place it under palette

Using one of your fingers, wipe away excess mica powder allowing powder to fall onto the piece of paper

Pour excess mica powder back into it's original container

Step 6: Prepare Chalk

Using your hands, break chalk into small pieces

Begin lightly tapping the chalk with a hammer (or desired household item) until the chalk is a fine powder.

Set chalk aside until it is ready for use

The chalk serves as a powder binder, which helps to keep your mica powders compacted until you begin the drying process

Step 7: Use Chalk As a Powder Binder

Take a pinch of chalk and sprinkle it on top of the mica powder.

Using the double-sided eye shadow brush, mix chalk and mica powder together until the chalk is no longer visible in the mix

The chalk serves as a powder binder, which helps to keep your mica powders compacted until you begin the drying process

Step 8: Cover Felt Pad in Aluminum Foil

Rip a piece of aluminum foil that can cover all sides of the felt pad

Place felt pad on top of aluminum foil

Wrap the aluminum foil around the felt pad until all sides are covered

Take the top of the excess foil and twist it until the felt pad is tightly concealed in the foil

Step 9: Firmly Press Powder Mix Into Palette

Take felt pad covered in aluminum foil and begin to firmly press down on the powder mix

This will aid you in keeping the powder compacted until you start the drying process.

Step 10: Spray Alcohol Onto Powder Mix

Pour high absorbency alcohol into the empty spray bottle.

Be sure that the nozzle on the spray bottle is turned to the mist setting ( if applicable, most spray bottles only have one setting).

Spray the alcohol onto the powder mix until the top of the mix is damp.

The alcohol works as a liquid binder to keep your powder mix compacted and allows it to dry quickly.

Step 11: Press Powder With Foil-covered Felt Pad Again

Use a felt pad covered in aluminum foil to press the powder mix one last time

Be sure to press powder until the entire mix is flat and even

Step 12: Spray Alcohol Onto Pressed Powder Mix Again

Spray alcohol onto powder mix

Use a damp paper towel to wipe away any undesired powder on the palette

Leave to dry for 3 hours

Once dry, the eye shadow is ready to use!

Step 13: Finished Product

This is the finished product for a full eye shadow palette featuring four colors

Repeat ALL steps to create another color in your palette, substitute for desired color when completing Step 2.