Introduction: DIY Face Mask by Chirstopher Setera

With the current epidemic people might not be able to get to a store to buy their own factory made masks but wity this handy guide you can make a sufficient mask till you get something like a medical mask or something that was made for shielding the face, note this is not meant to replace any medical mask you have if you have something that is made for shielding the face and not something you made yourself I suggest you wear the already made face mask as it provides better protection than DIY masks would provide


-1 Medium to large short or long sleeved shirt

-two sheets of paper towels

Step 1: Paper Towel

This is the size of paper towel I am using for this

Step 2: Shirt

The shirt I am using for this

Step 3: First Fold

You will want to fold your paper towel once to where it look like the image

Step 4: Second Fold

You will fold the folded towel again to make it look as shown above

Step 5: First Shirt Fold

You will fold the shirt three times with the first fold looking like this, make sure the sleeves don't get caught in the fold also

Step 6: Second Shirt Fold

You will fold the shirt again like shown above and will make sure that the sleeves don't get caught in the fold pulling the two sleeves outwards should get the out while not ruining the fold

Step 7: Third Shirt Fold

You will fold the shirt for the last time like above while having the neck opening not covered an on the opposite side you are facing along with having the sleeves be out

Step 8: Protection

You will now insert the folded paper towel into the neck opening creating a small bearer using the paper towel.

Step 9: Mask

You will pull up the neck and paper towel to where the paper towel's top side matches up with the shirt's back side then you will place the neck part of the shirt onto you're face, then grab the sleeves and tie them on the back of your head creating your temporary DIY face mask