Introduction: DIY Fender Mustang Amp 1 Button Foot Switch

The Fender Mustang I and Mustang II amps allow you to use a 1 button footswitch to toggle between two presents, e.g. clean and distorted.

They sell one relatively cheaply (under $15 at time of writing), but I was able to make this for $1 and spare parts worth a couple bucks.


1. On/off foot switch. You can get these for $1 on eBay or Aliexpress from Asia

Either: 2A.

  • 1/4" input jack socket, like the kind used for making effects pedals, and installing in guitars.
  • A box or enclosure to install the socket into. I used a plastic project enclosure I had in my parts bin

Or: 2B.

  • A sacrificial guitar audio cable that you are willing to cut an end off of

Step 1: (optional) Fit Your Switch and Box Together

If you are cutting a spare guitar cable instead of building a box with a jack, skip this step.

Take your foot switch and project box and figure out how you can attach them together. The foot switch had 4 screws to hold its top and bottom together, so I drilled matching holes in the project box and drove the screws from the inside of the box, through the bottom of the foot switch, into the top of the switch.

Drill an extra hole for the wires to pass between them.

Step 2: Solder the Switch to the Socket or Cable

Simply solder a wire between each of the two socket terminals the two terminals on the foot switch. It doesn't matter which part of the jack connects to which part of the switch.

If you are using a guitar cable, it's even easier. Just solder the 2 wires from the cable directly to the switch.

Step 3: Rock On

It's really that simple. Now plug your switch into the "FTSW" (foot switch) jack on your amp.