Introduction: DIY: Flapping Bird

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Handcrafts are not only interesting but also these are fun to do, brings back my old school memories.

Learn how to make a cool origami bird with flapping wings! Looks similar to an origami crane, makes a great party trick. Not only easy but also Fun.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Traditional raft paper and a pair of Scissors.

Step 2: Start With the Square

Take any craft paper of square shaped, I suggest you to take 20 X 20 cms so that you can flap it easily

Paper shouldn't be so hard Take a traditional Craft paper Start any side up. Fold the paper diagonally in half both ways and unfold. Flip the paper over to the other side. Fold the the paper in half top to bottom, left to right and unfold. Rotate the paper and grab the left and right corners.Bring the corners forward and down, flattening the top corner on top.

Step 3: Continue With the Previous Step

This is now a Square Base

Fold the left and right edges to the center as shown

Reverse inside fold the last folds.

This is the result.

Note:Observe the images carefully

Step 4: Bird Body

Unfold the craft paper and now you have this.

Using the folding on the paper try folding it in the way shown in the images.

Now you got this by joining the Left and Right edges.

open up the down part and turn it to the other side.

.Observe the images for better explanation.

Step 5: Almost Done

Fold the flap up as far as it will go.

Repeat on the back.You should have this triangle.

Pull out the head from the inside.

Now pull out the tail to where it looks nice to you.

Step 6: Head and Flap

Shape the head by reverse holding a sectionThis is the ResultIt looks like Origami Crane, Well it,s not though!

Pull gently on the wings towards the head of the bird, also it helps to curve the front edge of the wing. Hold the bird under it's neck, gently lift the tail up and down, the wings should flap!

If they don't, try shaping the wings a bit more, making sure they are the same on both sides!

There is your bird . Enjoy Fapping!

Thank you:)

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