Introduction: DIY Football

I bet you you have always been tired of having to buy expensive footballs for your kids, or for yourself. Now, you can make a football, that may not have the capabilities of ones in the store, but it will do. And it is a fun thing to do with your kids, or for yourself.


You are going to need:

  • several balloons (just in case some of them pop)
  • Sponges (optional)
  • Old jeans or cloth
  • duct tape, A LOT!! (soft one)
  • Hot glue, or just glue, depends on preference
  • scissors capable of cutting cloth

Step 1: Arrange Everything.

This is easy, just arrange all your things needed for this project, so that you can have a nice overview of everything that you are going to do.

Just a reminder: do not start project if you are short on time. Also don't do this if you are in public, in order for people not to think you are insane.

Step 2: Blow Up Your Baloon

Make your balloon quite large. It is best if you have a balloon that blows up in a round fashion, in order for you not to have an egg-shaped football, a mistake that we definitely did not make. ;)

Step 3: Begin Taping Balloon

This is the point where people will start to believe that you are insane.

Take the duct tape and start wrapping it around the balloon. Wrap only until the balloon falls, but still bounces. Make sure that at this point you flatten out the thing where the air goes in to get an even shape for your football.

Step 4: Continue Wrapping and Then Start Cutting Out Your Jeans/cloth

This is the point where people will call a mental hospital for you.

When you are done duct-taping your balloon, start cutting out your old jeans into strips, as shown in the image.

Step 5: Start Sticking on the Jeans Onto Your Ball.

Glue the strips onto your football. make sure that you give them time to dry. Also, make sure to cover all the tape underneath so that it looks good





The End. You're welcome.