Introduction: DIY Fruit Nail Designs

Hi guys! In today's DIY nail art tutorial, I'll be showing you a quick summer guide to creating a bunch of different fruit nail art designs. You can choose to wear one or two of them as accent nails, or you can combine them all together like I've done to create an ultimate fruit manicure that's super colorful, bright, and FUN! :)

Today we would be making orange, kiwi, strawberry, apple and watermelon!

Step 1: Getting Started..

Materials u need..

1.nail colors- green, black, white, red,yellow and orange, clear base coat 2. nail paint remover 3. Q-tip/ cotton ear bud 4. paint brush(size- 00)/ toothpick 5. cotton/ tissue paper

The first thing that you need to do before starting is remove any traces of nail paint from your nails. Once you do that you can paint all your nails on with a base coat. This will protect them and also ensure that your art stays on longer. Allow nails to dry.

Next: working with green.. apply

kiwi: paint nail green and mix some green in white color(to make the color even more lighter) and make a dot at centre of the nail, and with the help of brush, spread it towards edges to give the look of central light colored portion of the fruit. strawberry: color some portion of base of nail with green color (if not confident, u can cut duct tape and use it too). Define edge with black color. That makes upper leafy part of berry. watermelon: make a curved line along the base with green color ( again, u can cut duct tape and use it too). Define edge with black color. That makes outer green shell. Allow it to dry.

Step 2: ​working With Black..

Kiwi- make uneven black dots using brush/ toothpick around the central core or over light colored lines to mark seeds.

strawberry: dots on green leafy portions of berry and paint rest of the portion red.

watermelon: make a white band along green and black line and paint rest of the nail with red. Mark edges with black lines and few longitudinal dots to represent seeds and watermelon is done.

Step 3: Final Touches..

upon drying-

kiwi- mark the edge of the nail with black to represent skin of the fruit and giving it a more neater and rich look and yeahh,, kiwi is done.

strawberry- make uneven longitudinal dots to give strawberry a more realistic look and strawberry is also done.

Step 4: Apple and Orange..

now its time for apple and orange.

so, for apple: paint lower 2/3rd white marking curved edges with thin white line and painting rest of it using white color.

orange: pain the nail compeletely with orange color. Let it dry.

Step 5: Final Touches to Apple and Orange..


apple: mark edges with red and cenral longitudinal line representing core using yellow.

orange: mark the boundary of nail with white and mark a central white dot, spread its edges outwards, now on partial drying make a yellow dot, much thinner and just make few lines outwards to give it some more definition. (optional: you can give some more refinement by marking few small yellow straks on white boundary). Mark slices using lil thicker white lines connecting to the outer white boundary. And orange is also done.

Finally mark seeds on apple using 2 longitudinal dots on either side of the yellow core. And yes, ur nail art is done! yayy!!

Step 6: Finishing the Manicure..

Wait for the polish to dry and then carefully coat it with a layer of top coat of nail polish. This will ensure that everything has a polished and even look and to seal these beautiful designs. And just wipe out extra using Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.

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