Introduction: DIY Gecko Humidifier

Hello! I have had my crested gecko, named squirt, for about a year now and I have always had trouble trying to keep his habitat consistent which can end up stressing them out. If you know anything about geckos a stressed gecko is an unhappy gecko. So i set out to find a humidifier but during my search I found out that they can get pretty expensive. After looking for a while I though 'this don't look to hard ... I bet I could make one.' And now that you are caught up lets get started!!!

Tools and Supplies

Although, I found most of my supplies and amazon (I will leave the links) I am sure you can find it cheaper on amazon. I had most of the tools before hand. The asterisks are there to let you know that I did not buy these items because I already owned them.


- Tall Tubber Ware*

- LED adapter and Power source

- Computer Fan

- Ultrasonic Mist Make

- Disposable Water Bottle*

- Tubing


- Sharp Scissors

- Soldering Iron

- Hot Glue Gun

- Sharpie/Marker

Step 1: Cut a Hole in Your Tubber Water

There are a total of 5 holes you will need to cut; 3 on the top 2 on the side. We will start on the top.

First you will need to cut your water bottle down to the very top of the bottle and cut your tubing in half. Then outline the outsides of each of the circles with a sharpie, so you know how big to cut your holes. After that cut the holes while constantly check to see if the tubes and the water cap fit; you don't want to make the holes to big.

The next holes you will cut will be for the fan and the ultra sonic mist maker(usmm) . You'll repeat the same step of outlining but this time you will only outline the opening of the fan and a hole where you can feed the the usmm wire. Repeat the same steps as above and cut the wholes carefully.

Step 2: Assemble Your Humidifier

In the next step you will be glueing and securing everything into place. Start off by feed the tubing and water cap into there hole. Secure and seal them by glueing them will the hot glue gun. After that cut your tubing as flush as you can to the inside of the lid.

Next you want to repeat similar steps to attach the fan and the usmm. If your fan came with nuts and screws i suggest that you use those to secure it as well.

Make sure you double check that there are no leaks in your tuber ware because it could effect the wiring.

Step 3: Solder Your Wires

Finally solder your wires to your LED converter. It does not matter where you connect wire because it is not transferring information only power. Make sure you use extreme caution when soldering your wires together.

Step 4: Ta-daaaa!!!!

Now you have your very own gecko cage humidifier! all you need to do now is plug everything in, kick back, and give yourself a pat on you back. I hope that this instructable helped and it would really help me if you voted for me.

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