Introduction: How to Solve a Rubik's Cube

With 43,000,000,000,000,000,000 different combinations, many people find that the Rubik's Cube to be impossible to solve, but that is far from the truth. On the other hand, trying to remember 43 quintillion different combinations can be extremely overwhelming. So instead, in this instructable we will use algorithms. An algorithm is mathematical equation that helps you move pieces into their correct position without wrecking the rest of the cube. Make note that you will still have to memorize a good amount of algorithms but not anywhere close to 43 quintillion and you may always use this instructable as a reference at anytime.


Rubik's cube


Step 1:

First thing is first, you have to solve the cube in layers. its a common mistake to think that you solve it side by side.

The picture with all of the letters underneath the cube is showing you the notation that we will be using. F stands for front face, B for the back face, U for the top face and so on. A stand alone letter is telling you to turn that face clockwise. If and "i" follows the letter it is telling you to turn that face counter clockwise.

The white picture shows you the different pieces of a Rubik's Cube.

Another thing that will help you is to always know that the orange side is opposite of the red side, the green side is always opposite of the blue side, and the white side is opposite of the yellow side

To begin to solve the Rubik's Cube you want to make a cross. I can be made on any side that you want, but I prefer to start on white side. Which ever side you choose to make your cross on that will be your top face or U for the first couple of steps. While you are making your white cross you must make sure that your edge piece not only lines up with the white but also with the center of the face below it, as shown in the picture above.

Step 2:

In this step you will learn your first algorithm to put the top corners into place.

First you want to place your white corner piece directly under where it is supposed to be. So if you want to place the white, green, and red piece you want to place is in between the red and green center on the last layer (the bottom side). After that rotate your whole cube (keeping the white side up) until the piece you are working with is in the bottom right corner. then repeat the algorithm until the white side is facing up in the white face. You may have to repeat the algorithm up to five times before the place is oriented

Ri, Di, R, D

*if a corner is already on first layer but not in the correct place do the algorithm once to get it on to the last layer and go from there. If it is on the top layer and is the right place but is not oriented correctly then repeat the algorithm until if is oriented.

Step 3:

Now that you have the first layer down its time to move to the second. You want to keep your solved layer on top. Then find an edge piece that you want to place. Then look to what was color is on the bottom and place it as far away from that colors center. So if I was working with the red and blue edge piece with the red facing down I would put it as far away from the red center. Then look at the color on the outside and depending if it matches the center on the right of left you will use one of these algorithms. For example now that I have the red and blue edge piece placed I will look on the outside for find blue. After that I will look on the right an the left to see which side the blue center is on.

Matchs the right: R, Fi, Ri, F, Ri, Di, R

Matchs the left: Li, F, L, Fi, L, D, Li

If you find piece that is not oriented correctly or it is the wrong place then place in the front on the right side an do the first algorithm.

Step 4:

The next step you will put the yellow cross into place. Make sure that you flip you cube over so the yellow side is facing up. This will be your top face or U for the last couple of steps.

The algorithms you will need are:

F, R, T, Ri, Ti, Fi

R, U, U, Ri, Ui, R, Ui, Ri

You could start of with one three scenarios.

The first way is a single yellow dot. You want to use the the first algorithm twice without rotating the cube. After that you will be left with a yellow line. Move yellow line so that it is horizontal then do the first algorithm again.

The second is a yellow line. set the line so that it is horizontal to you then do the first algorithm.

the last way is a yellow L. put the L in the top left corner then do the first algorithm twice.

The second part of the yellow cross is matching all of the edge pieces to their center. To start off you will want one and only one edge to match its center. If that is not possible, then do the second algorithm and try again. After that us the edge that you have lined up as your front face then repeat the second algorithm until all of the edges are line up. It could take a couple of tries so don't freak out

Step 5:

In the final step you will finish the corners. You will need to know 2 algorithms.

L, Ui, Ri, U, Li, Ui, R, U, U

Ri, Di, R, D

With the first algorithm switches the two corners that are on the right side of the cube.

note: you have to do it four times to match the edges up again. So if you end up with the edges not line up then do the first algorithm in the same place until all are matched up.

Next you want to Orient the corner. Start with a corner that does not have the yellow side up and put it in the bottom right corner. then do the the second algorithm till the yellow side is up. after that only turning the top layer move another misaligned corner to the bottom right. finally repeat the Ri, Di, R, D and do the same with any other misaligned corner.

Don't worry if it looks like you have wrecked your cube once you finish all the non oriented yellow corners it will like it was before

Step 6:

Congratulations! You just made the impossible possible. I hope this instructable helped you and if it did please like and share it with your friends.

Also feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If not here is website the does a great job explaining.

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