Introduction: DIY Grocery Bag Dispenser

Do you have an empty Clorox container? Do you have too many plastic bags laying around? Here, we will show you how to craft a convenient, easy, bag dispenser.

Step 1: Bag Rolling

Fold your bags in half. Overlap the handles of the second bag on top of the first bag. Roll the first bag downwards towards the next bag, making sure the handles of the first bag are accessible. Add and roll bags loosely in the same fashion until you have a reasonable amount rolled up.

Step 2: Insert Bags

Put your rolled up bags into the container placing the accessible handles from the first bag into the dispensing lip of the lid.

Step 3: Decorate

Choose any decorative paper or construction paper. Since there are different brands and styles of containers, measure your container's height from the bottom to the lid and the circumference, to make sure the paper aligns with the container just as a label would. If you are lacking paper, you can use a patchwork approach with extra paper to fill any empty space.

Step 4: Hints, Tips, and Tricks

If your bags aren't pulling out one at a time:

1. Try to roll the bags more loosely

2. Add more bags to your roll for more weight

3. The less overlap of the handles when rolling, the better.

4. Cut the dispensing lip so that it is wider.

Step 5: