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I decided to make my granddad a guitar hanger for his new bungalow.

He has always had this guitar as far as i can remember and used to be in a band.

He still keeps it out in his room but is only using a cheap plastic stand that does it no justice.

This entire project was made from one old drawer side and a pair of hangers.

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Step 1: Template & Cutting to Size

I wanted the hanger itself to look like a guitar so i printed out a template from google and glued it onto my wood.

I did a rough layout on the wood, making the holder 17 cm heigh x 12 cm wide and 13 cm from the arms to the wall.

The arms that would hold the guitar neck where spaced at 4 1/2 cm , but this will be dependent on your guitar.

Once everything was drawn out i cut out the rough shape with a saw.

Step 2: Shape & File

Once the rough shape was cut out i used a chisel to cut out the curves and took a file to it to get the right shape and smooth out the saw marks.

Again this is dependent on the shape and style you want.

Step 3: Layout & Trim

Now i had the body in the right shape and size i moved on to the arms and backing peice, rounding over the edges and cutting it to the final size and shape.

Step 4: Arm Layout & Hole

I wanted the arms that actually hold the guitar to sit at an angle within the wood.

To do this i spaced out the gap for the neck of the using calipers to measure the guitar neck and transferring the measurement over.

Once i had my holes marked i moved onto slowly chiseling them out, trying to keep the holes small for a tight fit.

After the holes where done, i tested them and they where pretty good for my 1st attempt, i then cut a small 45 degree on the back of the arms so they would angle up when in the holes. This was just to make sure the guitar wouldn't slide off one hung up.

Step 5: Glue Up

Once i was happy with everything fitting together the way i wanted it was time to glue all the pieces together.

I glued the back support / hanging piece onto the body 1st and used some small brad nails to give it extra strength.

Once the hanging / back support was in place over the holes for the arms i did another dry fit and realized i needed to sand the angle a bit more, to do this i just stuck a piece of 80 grit sandpaper down with double sided tape and slowly refined the angle.

Next i covered the bottom of the arms and holes with glue and put them in place, but as my holes had a small gap i used some of the sawdust from sanding to fill the holes.

That was it , just left it for a good amount of time to properly dry.

Step 6: Sand - 80, 120 & 240 Grit

Now everything was secure and glued in place it was time to sand, i went through 80 to start with, so i could get all the saw marks , glue and paper off and moved up to 120 and 240, for a really smooth finish.

I hand sanded the arms and rounded over the edges as i didn't want any risk of scratching the guitar when in use.

Step 7: Finish & Hanging Hardware

Final steps where to finish the wood, to do this i used a satin clear coat to bring out the color in the wood and protect it.

I applied 4 coats, sanding lightly at 500 grit in between for a really smooth feeling finish.

Once the clear coat was done all that was left was to attach 2 wall hangers to the back using a drill to make screw holes in the back piece.

You could probably use one bracket but i went for 2 just in case.

Step 8: Job Done

Thats it, job done.

I measure out the gap between the two bracket holes and put some screws in the side of my cupboard to test hang.

Its nice and secure and not going anywhere, and i think it looks great.

Total cost for this was £1.00 for the brackets, as i already had everything else and only used an old drawer front for the whole project.

I hope you enjoyed this and to watch the full build see my YouTube channel -

Id love to hear any thoughts or comments.



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