Introduction: DIY Hair Mask for Dry, Brittle Hair

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This is a fantastic hair mask for those of you who have really dehydrated hair. Since mine is so long, I seem to go through a lot of conditioner, and most of the time it doesn't help in keeping my hair moisturized. I combined a few of nutrient rich ingredients to give my hair a quick boost without spending so much money on expensive hair products that may not do the job. Plus, this mask is natural and totally healthy!


Step 1: Ingredients

*Avocado is not only good to eat but is my number one ingredient for hair repair because it coats the hair and leaves it with a smooth effect. It's great for that moisture kick you need. Honey is also great because it gives your hair a nice shine (and it smells good, too). We all know that egg is essential for protein- it's also an amazing source of protein for your hair follicles. The best way is to use the whole egg. 
You'll Need:
*Medium bowl
*Paint brush (pastry brush)
*Half of an avocado (ripened) 
*1 tablespoon of honey
*1 large whole egg (yolk, eggwhites and all)
*Essential oil of your choice
*In a bowl, wisk the egg as if you are scrambling it. In a separate bowl, mash up the avocado as much as possible so theres no big chunks. Add the avocado, honey and essential oil. Mix well. Set aside or in refrigerator. 
NOTE: The essential oil I used is Lavender. I got a great starter package with a variety of oils because I wasn't sure what scents I would like. Lavender has a light, floral aroma that is refreshing to the hair. I do however occasionally switch out different scents such as sweet orange, and peppermint (peppermint gives a cool, tingling feeling). If you do choose to add essential to your hair mask just make sure its therapeutic grade, these are the purists. 

Step 2: Wash, Apply Mask

Wash your hair first with shampoo, followed by a towel dry. With all your ingredients combined, brush hair mask with the pastry brush onto your hair covering the ends evenly. Throw into a tight bun and cover with a shower cap!
*Leave on for 15-30 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse, Towel Dry

With luke warm water (not hot), rinse your hair thoroughly making sure you wash all the avocado out (it may take several minutes to wash out, don't worry). Wash your hair as you normally do. Towel dry. 
NOTE: I like to towel dry my hair because the heat of the hair dryer can be very damaging. 
As you can see from the before and after pic (this is my after), my hair is less frizzy and dry. It also gave my hair a good shine and clean feeling. Enjoy your beautiful, fully hydrated hair =)
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