Introduction: DIY Hammock Tree Straps

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From the DIY Hammock comes the 10$ tree straps/ suspension.

-  it would be much easier to show you viewers than show steps if anyone knows how to put video guides please let me know.

Step 1: Get Materials

Run to your closest home depot or lowes and pick up these supplies-
1.) 4 alluminum rings - when I went to homedepot I saw these rings for only a dollar and compared to buying the 10 dollar ones off the computer I went with these the weight capacity was only like 200 pounds but since there are two on each side it works.
2.) You also need these poly straps they were 3 dollars each and you wont even need the metal piece just the straps. I got 15ft ones just to be sure i can find trees.

Step 2: Assembly

This step you will need the poly straps so get those out.
1.) Take plastic wrap off of them.
2.) Set aside the metal tensioner you wont be using it
3.) take the end of the straps and loop it through the eye hole of the hook. this will secure it to the tree.

When you make the loop they will be wraped around the tree and will connect to the hook.

Step 3: O Rings

slide 2 O rings onto the strap like this you will attach your hammock to this. This is much like some types of belts.

Step 4: Tying the Saftey Knot.

Tie the safety knot below- and if you arent a member and cant see all the pictures become one
1.) no more unwanted membership adds.
2.) You will be able to see and make instructables.

Step 5: Attaching to Tree

Attach to tree and test out I made  a video of me attaching them so beear with me.