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Greetings fellow Instructable Enthusiast!

I am a custom longboard builder in the Kansas City Area.  Instructables really helped spark my interest for building things. Building longboards has become a major hobby and part time job. I am also sponsored by Daddies Board Shop  one of the greatest board shop on the internet. You can check out there site at the link below for any of your extreme sports needs!

I have been making boards for a little over a year now. I have gained a lot of knowledge over the subject so feel free to ask any questions you might have. I have been riding my own boards and have used them for general cruising, freestyle, free riding, and  downhill (Ive been up to 45mph on one of my boards the hills in my area are pretty small). My boards are sturdy and last long.

-A Couple of the Items I use-
I use 1/8th in. Baltic Birch *Veneer
A Roarrockit TAP bag
Belt sander
Wood Glue (titebond)
2in Foam Mold

The Board I built in the video is about 38in long and 9.75in at widest point. It has 1in concave down the length, wheels wells, 2 different bolt hole options, gas-pedals, and the board is equiped with blue cailber 44's, Sector9 Butterballs, and vicious supercoarse griptape.

Safety-always wear safety goggles if you are able to. Woodworking machinery can be very dangerous and it is in YOUR best interest to protect yourself. I am not the best with remembering to use safety equipment but if you have never use machinery or built a board before safety equipment keeps you safe.

I have also made many boards using the DIMM press method. A method by which Dimitri Kamarov (A board builder in canada) uses various clamps and a foam mold to get the concave and camber that a regular clamp press would get (The type of press using wood).

More Videos (These are step by step videos)

Make a Mold-



Wheel Wells-

Bolt Holes-
Check out my channel to more cool stuff!

For me sometimes the hardest part of getting into something is taking the first step. If money is your issue set aside money over a month long period and make it your goal to be able to make a board. It always takes a first step and who know that first step may blossom into a huge job opportunity or just a hobby!

And again feel free to contact me about any board building questions. Silverfish Longboarding has a section about board building (link below) I have used it for a reference for many of my builds and it is a great resource. I know a lot about this stuff so feel free to contact me if your just getting started. We are all in this together!


*Veneer= veneer is when two plies of wood are crossed grained and don't contain any fillers. Fillers are cheap stuff that most plywood has. its not the best for making longboards

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