Introduction: D.I.Y Helping Hands (Cheapest and Quickest)

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Ever been working on something and need an extra pair of hands. Then you often choose to use one of the helping hand tools, you know the ones. Flexible arms with crookedly clips on the end. Now crocadile was on my bench the other day and needed a pair to do some soldering and it just so happened mine had been " borrowed " by a family member. So here is a quick easy and very cheap way to make one in a couple of minutes and for little or no cost.

Step 1: Materials

First find some old household wire. The thicker the better ( up to 10mm ) and the stiffer the better.
I had this roll of 3 core under the bench. You only Need 2 core ( i cut of the solid earth wire )
The next thing you need is two crocadile clips. and thats it.

Step 2: Assemby.

Cut a short length of cable about 20-40cm This depends on the stifness of the cable you use. If its too long it will bend under the weight of your work.

Strip one end of the outer case. ( 10cm or so ).

Cut away one core ( if it is 3 core ) I had a sigle solid earth wire i cut off.

Push on your crocadile clip and crimp on with a pair of pliers.

Bend into the required shape.

Step 3: Clamp to Your Bench. or Just Put a Weight on the End.

Step 4: Put to Use.

How easy, made in 2 min, cost next to nothing and does the job required. I know its crude and basic but if it does the job and saves me money or time, it will do me !