Introduction: DIY Home Made Multipurpose Rotary

About: Hello, I'm Tharinda Uthpala , From Srilanka
Most of the times we need to make some holes in different materials for mounting components, joining two parts and much more stuffs.Start from laser printing the PCB layout to mounting the components you can carry out in home except the drilling shold have a drilling machine with small drill chuck,which is capable of holding 0.5-5mm drills.
Then i had in my mind,why not DIY Hand drilling machine.
My goal is to built one from junk which is capable of drilling small holes to do various things.

Remember this is not sort of professional drilling machine.with it you can just make some holes as well as you can use many other mini rotary tools.
Finishing of the drilled holes will depend up on the type of drill you used.(made)

Below is My DIY rotory tool & steps to make it ... Let's move on,

Step 1: Stuff Needed

1) 12v DC Motor
2) 12v Power supply
3) Mini Drill chuck
4) Some tools ( Glue gun, soldering iron , Screw driver, blade...)
5) LED indicator
6) 5A rectifier diode
7) Dot board
8) Switch
9) Wires
10) 10k preset
11) Two way socket
12) PVC tapes

Step 2: Reading the Motor...

First we have to attach the drill chuck to the motor axial , we can use small srew and warech to attach it .After attaching it we have to make sure its attached to the axial more tighter if its ok we can move on to the next step....

Step 3: Wiring Up the Motor...

Then we have to solder the morot with different coloured wires to supply the current

Step 4: Finallizing the Circuit...

Next we can make the circuit as shown above please make sure all the components are well in order otherwise it may cause some serious dameges...

Step 5: Arrange the Components...

Finally we can arrange the prepared parts inside a PVC pipe and endedup with two end caps

Step 6: Now You Are Ready...

Then you can enjoy it...
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