Introduction: Micro Controlled Firework Rocket Launcher...

About: Hello, I'm Tharinda Uthpala , From Srilanka

Nowadays so many people, specially children just enjoy with the fire works carelessly

so, I decided to create safety rocket launcher to minimize those damages instead of suggesting them

Here I am showing how to make a cheap Arduino bluetooth

Firework Rocket Launcher

It's simple to make and so easy to program. A unique design make it different from that of other Arduino bluetooth launchers.

Hope you like this idea and after this instructable, you can upgrade and change the features or anything else!

Step 1: Parts, Materials and Tools

  • Arduino UNO / Arduino pro mini
  • HC-06 Blutooth Module
  • 2pcs of 5V Relays
  • 2pcs of 1N4004 Diodes
  • 2pcs of Red LEDs
  • 2pcs of 100ohms resistors
  • Soldering wires
  • Switch
  • 9V Battery / 2pcs of 3.7V 18650 Batteries( to power up the Arduino Board & attachments)
  • 12v Battery ( to heat up the coil)
  • Jumper Cables
  • Nichrome Wires
  • some Connecting wires
  • A few Copper rods
  • 2pcs of Dot Boards
  • Hot melting glue gun
  • Soldering Iron
  • Some tapes
  • PVC "T" socket ( optional)
  • Aluminum Pipe (optional)


Step 2: Assemble the Main Circuit...

First you need to make the circuit as shown in the diagram.
R' - 5v relays
D' - 1N4004 diodes
D1 - Red LEDs
R0 - 100ohm resistors
H' - Heating Coil

when you making this circuit you can mix your own ideas with this For example: you can use 2pcs of 18650 batteries instead of 9v battery and also you can use Arduino pro mini board ( its just need very little space )

Wiring Instructions -
Bluetooth module

- "TX of Bluetooth Module" goes to "RX of Arduino"

- "RX of Bluetooth Module" goes to "TX of Arduino"

- "VCC of Bluetooth Module" goes to "5v of Arduino"

- "GND of Bluetooth Module" goes to "GND of Arduino"

- The State & Key pins of the BT modules are unused.

After making the circuit please make sure all the components well in order

Step 3: Making the Heating Coil

You just need to buy a Nichrome coil from your local electronic shop or easily get it from old burn out soldering iron

then place some copper rods like that to attach those coils, after that take a little rounded rod and make 3 or 4 turns

by using it, Finally attach those coil into that copper rods very tightly

Step 4: Soldering Wires & Attach Relays...

After making the coil you need to solder wires as shown in the picture , then solder those wires to relay coils

next you need to add 1N4004 diodes to relays ,finally add some jumper cables to them

Step 5: Attach Components With Arduino Board...

After making the coil & relay circuit you need to attach Blutooth module and other things with Arduino board as shown in the pictures

Step 6: Application & Code..

You can use the below link to download the free application

Click here to download the Android Apllication

Then Power up the circuit

After that enable Bluetooth and establish connection with BT module.
(ex. HC-06, password 1234)

You can use the code witch attach with this page

Now you can feel free to control it your self

in this program i just use #1 for heat up the first heating coil & #2 for cut off the power

#3 for heat up the other heating coil & #4 for cut off the power ( you can change the values in your own by changing the code )

Note- Please dont power up the heating coil more than 5 seconds it may damage your battery

Step 7: Put Everything Together..

After making the circuit make sure all the thing attached well in order

Set this launcher in outdoor place and enjoy...( you can add it to your wall, vertical pipe or any thing else )

Step 8: Final Notes...

Thank you for following me through this tutorial, I hope that
some of you will like it, and maybe even try it one day - it is really a soothing DIY : ), try to improve this launcher with your ideas. If you have questions or thoughts about this project, please do let me know, I would love to hear your feedback!

See you at my next instructable!
Thank you

Tharinda Uthpala : ) : )

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