Introduction: DIY Hot Air Balloons

              Hot air balloons have been around since 1782 and are a well known way of transportation or for just viewing the geographical features of our modern world. Hot air balloons are also the oldest human-carrying flight technology ever. The way these balloons work is that heat is released into the balloon, and due to the fact that heat rises while cold air descends, when the balloon is heated internally, it will lift into the air and gradually rise higher when the passengers heat the inside.

In this instructable, I will be showing you how to make your own mini hot air balloon from just a few, cheap household items.
As you view this instructable, you will not only learn how to build the hot air balloon, but also learn the technology behind hot air balloons. This is a great hands-on learning experience that I use to teach my science class.

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:

1- Large Plastic Bag(I used a bag from the dry cleaners)
3-4 Birthday candles
1-Thick and sturdy wire
1-Aluminum foil
1-Glue gun

And of course some patience:)

Step 2: Tie the Bag

First, Tie the bag in four evenly spaced spots by the opening of the bag
(see picture)

Then knot the top of the bag where the hole for the hangers is(only if you have a dry cleaners bag)

Step 3: Cut and Bend Wire

Cut two pieces of wire that are about the same length as the knots on the bag that are diagonal from each other

Then, twist them together, forming an X shaped structure.

Step 4: Make the Candle Holder

Take the aluminum, and make a cup shaped structure to hold the candles.

Step 5: Glue the Cup and Add Candles

Hot glue the cup to the middle of the x shaped structure
Then glue 3-4 candles to the inside of the cup.

Step 6: Attach to Bag

Carefully twist all 4 parts of the X shaped wire, to all 4 of the knots on the bag.

Step 7: Ready to Fly!

Now here is where the fun begins!

Bring your hot air balloon to a calm, non windy area outside.

Then, make sure all areas of the bag arent touching or near the bag.

After that, light the candles on fire with the lighter and wait a while until the bag fills with hot air.

Finally when your bag is filled, let go of the bag and watch it rise in the air and get higher and higher.
These balloons have gotten so high, that I have even lost sight of them.
Try doing this at night for cool effects.

Be safe when doing this project, but most of all.... Have Fun!

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