Introduction: DIY Hotel Coffee Packet

During family roadtrips it can be a challenge (and expensive) to have enough good, STRONG coffee available in order to keep up with the kids.

Many hotels offer in-room coffee makers, so packing my own coffee and filters was an easy solution, but I recently came across a hotel coffee maker that used a single serve coffee pad and tray that presented an additional challenge...

Step 1: Materials

1. Coffee

2. Coffee Filter

3. Tray from hotel coffee pack

Step 2: Make Coffee Pack

Getting inspiration from the Taco Bell Crunchwrap (another roadtrip favorite), fold the coffee filter 5-6 times to create a coffee pack.

Step 3: Load Coffee Pack

Place the tray over the folds and turn everything over to reveal a DIY coffee pack with enough flavor (and caffeine) to your liking.

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