DIY Hotel Coffee Packet




Introduction: DIY Hotel Coffee Packet

During family roadtrips it can be a challenge (and expensive) to have enough good, STRONG coffee available in order to keep up with the kids.

Many hotels offer in-room coffee makers, so packing my own coffee and filters was an easy solution, but I recently came across a hotel coffee maker that used a single serve coffee pad and tray that presented an additional challenge...

Step 1: Materials

1. Coffee

2. Coffee Filter

3. Tray from hotel coffee pack

Step 2: Make Coffee Pack

Getting inspiration from the Taco Bell Crunchwrap (another roadtrip favorite), fold the coffee filter 5-6 times to create a coffee pack.

Step 3: Load Coffee Pack

Place the tray over the folds and turn everything over to reveal a DIY coffee pack with enough flavor (and caffeine) to your liking.

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    3 years ago

    Thank you so much, I was looking at the pods and maker way to much money for Coffee. My wife works for Hilton hotel chain during the remodel they replaced the old single cup machines with double cup machine so my wife asked her general manager if we could have one of the single cup coffee maker’s he said yes. I’ve been looking for a way to make my own packets . You can buy the packets online I think it’s like $15 for 20 Packets Way too much money for coffee still now I can spend $1.99 for 200 coffee filters and 899 for 3 pound can of coffee and to be able to make it the strength you like not what the manufacturer likes. I have not premade a whole can of coffee yet but that’s my next step I know I can make enough packets to last me several months out of the 3 pound can. Of coffee I only drink one or 2 cups a day it was getting expensive to waste a whole pot of coffee thank you so much for your wonderful instructions and demonstration on how to make the packets for these machines. And if anybody might be interested you can buy the singleserve machine’s online for $19 great idea again thank you .


    5 years ago

    Very nice. Can't wait to try this!