Introduction: DIY INVERTER 220VAC

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hello guys in this intructables i am going to show you how to make a inverter 220vac 100w peak

this is very handy and portable also it is very useful it can work from 6-15v dc and jump it to 220vac

i preffered that dont exceed more than 12v otherwise it will generate more than 300vac which can damage your items

(note-it is for education purpose only if you are trying to mkae it it is on your own risk)

so without further lets do this

Step 1: Material Required

1- 12v 5amp center tapped transformer

2-2n3055 transistor

2-440 ohms resistor

1-dc socket


1-ac plug


1-heat sink

and some basic tools

thats cheap it is its cost around 8$ to make it and its to useful

Step 2: Heat Up the Soldering Iron

just follow up the schematic and solder everthing together

if you done this fine then the inverter will work

i will suggest you to first check the out put with multimeter what is the voltage it should be max on 240vac

if it exceeds the voltage then you are using more than 12v power which i seriously dont prefer

(again i am not responsible for anything this is for education purposes only)

Step 3: Its Done

i was able to use my soldering iron and some bulbs with it and it can max handle up to 75w but if you use 12v 10amp transformer you can easily get up to 150w of energy


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also watch this video

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    4 years ago

    Can i get its proteous simulation?


    5 years ago

    Same comment as gm280, the frequency oscillation is just determined by transformer's L and (junctions intrisic capacitances) of BJTs that would set at higher frequency rate. The load parameters in terms of R, L & C further modify this trivial circuit behavior. The pulse shape at the output might cause severe damages to susceptible electronic appliances.

    Tanmay Deuskar
    Tanmay Deuskar

    5 years ago

    Nice Instructable. Is it possible to use n-channel mosfets (like the irfz44n) instead of the 2n3055 transistors?



    5 years ago

    Oh yes, a simple step up oscillator setup. Make sure what ever you are powering with this, that it doesn't need 60hz, because it is certainly not going to be supplying 60hz AC out. It will be a lot more Hz then that. But it will work if you don't push it to the limits. And heat sink the transistors as well. They will get hot otherwise. Thumbs Up!