Introduction: DIY Instagram/Polaroid Magnets!! Super Simple UNDER 2$

Today I bring you a really cheap and cute DIY: Instagram magnets! They are really easy to make and the perfect way of showing your favourite memories.

You will only need:
- Some Instagram printed pictures
- Foam core board
- Magnets or magnetic adhesive tape

First we need to cut the printed pictures and outline the shape on the foam core board. This is a very strong, lightweight, and easily cut material that you can find at any craft store. It is also very cheap, this piece cost me only 75 euro cents.

As I'm doing in the video make some marks 3 millimetres outwards from the top line and the sides and draw a mark 1.3 centimetres outwards from the bottom line.
Join the lines to get a Polaroid type template.

Cut this piece using a cutter and use it to make more of them. Then cut everything out.
If you have some rough edges file them carefully with a nail file.

The last two steps are super simple! Attach the little Instagram picture to the square with some white glue, and finally glue the magnet too. The final result will be even better if you use some magnetic adhesive tape or stickers but I couldn't find them where I live.

And that's it!