Introduction: DIY Kit Windmill Shaped Red LED Flashing Light

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This is a DIY MCU design teaching Electronic windmills kits for soldering practice.

Easy to Assemble:

This product comes to you is Component Kit needs to be installed to A Cool Module Like A Windmill.

The kit components' marker name were clearly mapped and labelled on PCB layout makes it easy to assemble. It's helpful to improve the ability to solve practical problems through hands-on practice. In the meanwhile you can enjoy the fun from the DIY projects.


1. Operating voltage: 5V

2. Work efficiency: adjustable speed

3. PCB board material: RF--4 high quality circuit board

4. Size: 40mm*50mm

Step 1: Component Lists

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

The circuit is based on MCU control.

MCU control different vertical LED lighting, so as to achieve the effect of windmill rotation.

The speed of the windmill can be changed by press the buttons.

Step 3: Install the 4pcs 1K Resistor: R1, R2, R3, R4

Step 4: Install All the 19pcs LEDs: D1-D19

Step 5: Install the IC Chip, Buttons and Power Interface

Step 6: Done!

This "Windmill" DIY Electronics Kit Highly Recommended by Teachers to Learn Electronics and Practice Soldering Skills for DIYers, Electronic Enthusiasts, STEM Students, Beginners, or Anyone Looking For A Digital Clock/Timer for Projects.

Feel free to contact us if there is any question! Communication makes problems gone!

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