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We all know that light scatters wonderfully in water. So, i decided to use this phenomenon and make a cheap multicolor LED water lamp at home. In this instructable, we will learn how to make a DIY LED water lamp with just very few components available easily.

Note: It is just a raw attempt and this project has many possible upgrades, suggestions are always welcome in comments section.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Presently, there is no better tool then a tutorial video that can provide deep insight into the understanding of the procedure. However, also make sure to visit next steps for interesting images and details.

Step 2: Order Parts

  1. RGB 5mm LED -
  2. 3v Coin cell -
  3. Hot Glue Gun -
  4. Hand PCB Drill -

  1. RGB 5mm LED -
  2. 3v Coin cell -
  3. Hot Glue Gun -
  4. Hand PCB Drill -

  1. RGB 5mm LED -
  2. 3v Coin cell -
  3. Hot Glue Gun -
  4. Hand PCB Drill -

From Home and Local Store: Plastic (Transparent) bottle that can also stand inverted, Water or Glycerine and some Sparkling Glitters.

Step 3: Get the Bottle

  1. Take a small transparent / translucent plastic bottle. Make sure that the bottle can stand well even when inverted.
  2. Using a PCB hand drill, make two holes in the bottle cap as shown in the attached images.
  3. Insert the LED in the cap from the inside and secure it with hot glue around the boundary.
  4. Refer to the images attached above and bend the LED legs over the bottle cap as shown.
  5. Apply hot glue over the bottle cap such that only the negative terminal is above the contact surface. Note: Do watch the video for more clarity in understanding the procedure.
  6. Place a coin cell over the bottle cap such that it is only in contact with the "-ve" LED leg.
  7. Secure the coin cell with hot glue.
  8. Bend the "+ve" LED in a U-shape, such that it is over the "+v" terminal of the coin cell but is not in contact with it.
  9. Press the U-shaped LED leg and the circuit must be completed to light the LED.

Step 4: Finish the Lamp & Possible Upgrades

  1. Fill the plastic bottle with water or glycerine (or a mixture of both).
  2. Also, add some sparkling glitters to get more impressive effects.
  3. Close the bottle tightly and our Lamp is now ready.

However, there are also many possible upgrades, i can think of, like:

  1. Connecting a resistor to the LED and using a 5v wall adapter instead of a 3v coin cell to light it throughout the night in a room.
  2. Use multiple LED's of different colours to get more smooth and soft light patterns.
  3. Using an Arduino to control and form new colour patterns by using a 4 pin RGB LED.
  4. With Arduino there is also a possibility to make a remote controlled circuit for changing the colours and colour patterns.

Do leave your suggestions (in comments section) for more possible upgrades that can be worked on in future projects.

Step 5: Testing the Lamp

Place the Lamp inverted on a flat surface. The U-shaped LED leg will bend and complete the circuit by contacting the battery terminal thus in turn lighting the LED.

So friends, this here concludes the instructable, stay tuned and Follow to receive regular updates. In case you might have missed, watch the video and see how i made this wonderful DIY LED Water Lamp at home and don't forget to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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I also made a new version of this LED lamp, Have a look at the instructable here or the video below.

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